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  1. #1. What is the rationale for charging a fee for USD sitting in an account untouched for over a year? #2. What is the fee that would be charged if that happened? I find this part very troubling to the integrity of LL so I am hoping there is a logical answer.
  2. This is not a grandfathered sim. It is a full 20,000 prim sim. Price is $150 (I have to pay LL $100 for the transfer, otherwise I would just charge $50.) Tier date is April 3rd. The sim has an Easter event finishing up April 2nd so I will have it ready for transfer night before. I ask you message me in sl and not on here. You will be required to rename the sim. Thank you, Laura Liberty
  3. I am selling my sim for $225.00. I will pay the $100 transfer fee. It is paid up until the 3rd of next month. Message Laura Liberty if interested.
  4. I am selling my sim for $250 usd. I will pay the $100 transfer fee. We are paid up until the 3rd. Message Laura Liberty inside sl if interested in it.
  5. Message Laura Liberty in SL. Sim is paid up until the 3rd of next month. 20,000 prims
  6. Tier is due on the 3rd I will pay the $100 usd transfer fee Message Laura Liberty in SL.
  7. $325 usd (I pay the $100 transfer fee). Tier due on 3rd Message Laura Liberty
  8. -Full private region for sale. (20,000 prims). -$350 usd (I pay the $100 transfer fee). -Tier of $295.00 due to LL on the 3rd of every month. -I am using the sim now for an event but it will be ready for transfer on 4/20/17 which will still give you almost 2 full weeks of free rent. -The sim will need to be renamed because it is named after our business. It is free to rename a sim during a transfer to new owner. -Any questions, message Laura Liberty inworld
  9. Price: $170.00 (I will pay the $100 transfer fee) Prims: 3,750 * Remember that SL requires that you own a full sim in order to purchse a homestead sim.* Ready for transfer. LL will move the sim for you free of charge during purchase. Message Laura Liberty inworld because I won't see it on here.
  10. Full sim of 15,000 prims for sale and transfer. Tier due on April 5th. $395 (I will pay $100 transfer fee). At the time of purchase, we do ask that you change the name of the sim to something you want and that is free. You also have the option of changing the location if you desire. We currently have event going on the sim but it will be empty & available for transfer on March 30th. IM Laura Liberty inworld
  11. I am looking for someone who can make me a simple Christmas tree shape. I need it to be semi flat, like a cookie. Nothing fancy, just a basic tree shape with 2 criss cross sticks at the bottom to act as a stand. I have a photo that I can share. I also need a baked map for it. I don't need the dae, just the mesh piece itself. If this is something you can do, please message me with a quote. My name is Laura Liberty. Thank you.
  12. *UPDATE - found someone but if they don't work out, I will revise. 1,000L per hour 10-20 hours I have a project due the end of this month in sl so I need help with some easy but time consuming tasks. I need someone who works efficiently and can take direction well. You must have a little bit of building experience with at least linking prims. Things I will need you to do. 1. Link prims 2. Move linksets 2. Shop for items on the marketplace or in sl 3. Possible image and texture search Message Laura Liberty if you are interested. I don't have time to waste so if you do not know how to do these
  13. I am using this sim for an event that lasts until April 6th so you can have it by the 7th. I will pay the $100 transfer fee. Tier is due on April 9th. IM Laura Liberty inworld if you are interested.
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