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  1. Full region for sale. Next tier due on 8 sept. Best offer will be taken for next 24 hrs. Sim must be renamed and moved at time of transfer.
  2. I have homestead land avaialble that would suit. 1k prim would be 2000L. 5% discount for monthly payments. Contact me inworld for more info. Here's our rental office. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Isle%20of%20Skye/6/7/31 If there's not one at the prims you need, anyone on staff can adjust an existing rental to the size you require.
  3. Full Homestead for rent. Sits in a 5 sim set with lots of boating and well landscaped lands. Please inquire in world. Lease may be paid in USD or Lindens. Discount available for monthly leases.
  4. Looking for Full Sim to purchase and move. Please contact inworld shadowkat7 or ilsaflannigan
  5. Estate land for rent, full permissions. Each parcel features beachfront with protected ocean. Many parcels have access for boating around area. Additional community amenities include a dance pavilion, swimming pool, gardens, dock and wooded areas. Like the location but not the house? You can swap it for any other you see on the island (that will fit) or ask for it to be cleared to place your own. Simple covenants, no fuss rentals -- all we ask is you keep to the level you're renting and if you would like to build at a different elevation, you contact us first to ensure that it doesn't i
  6. I would be interested in purchasing. Please contact me with pricing information.
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