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  1. disable your shaders and then try logging in also minimize the window for like 2 minutes then open it back up and see if those works most of the problems have to do with the GLsource code sl is using right now there is a test build out there for the viewer that fixes it so check the jira topics cause i had the same problem
  2. check to see if your computer has a on off button for the wireless most do and see if its not being sticky or being pressed by mistake also still check your router and such unplugging it and plugging it back in for a few minutes thats the best i can do really i am not sure what else would be causing it then
  3. no it wont each account has seperate info so deleting one wont affect the other
  4. check your quicktime and also download flash player through adobe if you mean the browser download it through the sl browser and it should work
  5. check your payment agreements and if you have any fee;s such as premium fee's being charge but if i were you i would contact support about it
  6. personaly i rarely delete people but when it comes times for me the real reason is mainly how little there on and how much i talk to them if they havent talked to more than like 5 times and havent been on in like 5 months yeah i will probably delete them
  7. i have had the same problem and a few people have been reporting it on the jira people believe it has to do with newer graphics cards not using the stuff the sl viewer is using i also have reported it on jira so hopefully it will get taken care of soon so just try disabling shaders and see if that helps
  8. check the content rating and ask them to remove hair or stuff that might cause lag such as tons of resizers but it sounds like it could be a content rating issue if the area is adult they wont be able to go cause of needing to be age verified or its possiable the area is down but it seems your there so you can count that out
  9. yeah i normaly have a list of like 200 but only have about 10 to 15 people on at a time so i was looking for more friends so i really dont know what else to say other than i build and mostly hang out and go to clubs is having a brain fart in trying to remember if this posts my user name but its crimson cybertar do drop me an im before a random add so i know i am not being stalked or someone trying to abuse my notice XD
  10. its possiable your computers connection cant handle it try reseting your router turning it off an on and close backround programs hopefully that helps
  11. have you tried disabling your firewall for the downloads? sometimes firewalls and internet settings block downloads hope that helps your problem
  12. have you checked your emails? if its locked most of the times it will say locked or banned for such and such reason also if you just crashed your avatar is being logged out log in in a few minutes and it should bring you in world hope that helps
  13. basicly just got this computer a week ago and i constantly get my drivers crashing as soon as it hits downloading clothing can anyone help? specs are down below but yeah thats the only time my sl crashes i know its hard to believe it hasnt crashed my driver at any other time so yeah if anyone can help even give me a work around i will gladly try it EDIT downloading the lower end i cant do since this is a built in so downgrading would be alot of work if not bug the laptop Second Life 3.0.0 (238864) Aug 18 2011 13:05:38 (Second Life Release) Release Notes You are at 140,156.0, 355,986.0, 23.1
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