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  1. I just reactivated an old account and the password that I thought was correct doesn't work. I have used SL password retrieval via my email several times with no answer from Linden.
  2. how far back will a chat log go if you have never cleared it? if I reload the viewer will the history of the chat log delete?
  3. Ever since the last patch, several days ago, I can not hear anything in game except others talking on their mic. I have uninstalled from my computer and reinstalled but no luck. Does anyone have words of wisdom? I miss hearing the wondrous sounds of SL
  4. thank you for your help I will play with it a little more and use your recommendations as a guide
  5. I have just figured out how to put a wall texture on one side of my house walls but they tend to stretch on some walls and come out vertical instead of horizontal on others. What am I forgetting to do? Also can anyone recommend a good texture site or store in SL? I am looking for traditional stripes, floral and exteriors.
  6. I keep getting the following message whenever I perform certain functions, like opening a door in my house (Translation failure: the parameter 'appld' must contain at least '16' characters parameter name: appld) what does this mean and is there a way to fix it. I am using Firestorm 3.2 viewer and I did reload the viewer and reboot
  7. If the house which I purchased is Modifiable, how would I change the color of the wall in one room only?
  8. I purchased a script from SL market place because I was told that I could add it to an existing piece of furniture, but I am not really sure how to put the script into the furniture. Can you give me basic instruction? I have looked in the knowledge base but it is still not clear
  9. I have a brand new dell computer with a AMD Radeon 6450 graphics card. It was working wonderfully until the last viewer upgrade and now I have problem after problem with the graphics. before it was doing a strange texture rainbow thing so I quit playing for a couple of weeks in frustration. Now that is gone but I can't wear any type of hair or a get this blipping grey halo around my head. The walls around me are flashing and I haven't done anything different except NOT PLAY for a couple of weeks. I am not very tech savy so I am not sure what to do. Note: Before I quit playing a couple of weeks
  10. ever since the "upgrade download" I can not log in with either of my avatars. I have read the advice about leaving group and then the group will be deleted but if I can't log in at all with anyone, so how can I leave group or ask other members to leave group? I am so frustrated that I am thinking of leaving this game. I have spent alot of real money on this game and now I can't even access it. In the past I have contacted Linden and gotten a "ticket" for help but I have never received any type of help from them only messages saying that the "ticket has been closed"
  11. I am playing both mother and daughter avatars with 2 viewers. Is there anyway or is there a HUD which alllows you to carry another avatar?
  12. Is there a way to run more than one viewer at the same time? I would like to have both of my avatars interacting on the same computer. I know that I can run a different type of viewer, like Phoenix viewer, on the same time by opening a closing each viewer, but I have a lot of trouble with Phoenix, as in my clothes don't always load on my avatar, they are attached to her arm in cube form. any suggestions? Thank you in advance for your help Alexa
  13. I just got a Dell Inspiron desktop. It has Intel Core i3 and 4g mem. It says that it has an Intel HD graphics 2000 and my monitor is an HP s2031 set for 1400x900. the graphics are slow to load. my movement on screen is laggged in the extreme. My old computer worked better. I am using 100 ft of "c 6" cable to connect with the router and very high speed Time warner cable. Everything else loads like lightning, but SL is a snail....any clue?? THE FPS IS 2.6. YIKES!! anyway to raise this? or will I have to buy new card?
  14. I just created an alt account with and avatar who will be a relative of mine. How can I let her use my rented land as a "home"?
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