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  1. No, your username in IMVU is Guest_CommerceTeamLinden. Get a VIP cheapskate. ;-)
  2. Guess I should have mentioned that the notice was direct from the Estate Owner of FRANCE3D, one of your larger estates.
  3. Bonjour Si vous etes resident sur une sim entiere avec droits manager, N'UTILISEZ PAS le viewer Emerald : de nombreux objets peuvent disparaitre aléatoirement. Information apportée par le support Linden Lab. Merci Hello If you are resident on a whole sim with manager rights, DO NOT USE Emerald viewer : many objects can be deleted randomly. source : Linden Lab support. Thank you Got that in a Group Notice from a land owner's group that I belong to. Any truth to this or just more Emerald bashing?
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