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  1. ok thanks for that, have sent all this to the owner so might prompt her to do an update not sure she will make sales with it looking like that
  2. ok and that would fix this disjointed look, make the prim smooth looking again without those lines ?
  3. Ah yes that makes sense, so nothing can be done except maybe the creator does an update ?
  4. Hi everyone, Can anyone help with this problem. I bought a Cigarale XT luxury boat 1.1 in world some time ago and it is parked up on my island. Initially all was well until I noticed and odd thing happening with the texture on the boat. I have included a snapshot below from inworld. As you can see the side of the boat and in fact all of the round parts of the boat have now begun to look disjointed, almost as if they have gone out of alignment. I have rezzed a new boat from inventory, tried to refresh the texture all with no effect. I have also visited the boat owners sim and her boats show the same problem which is also been confirmed by the friend I took with me, she too saw this effect. We both are on the same viewer - Firestorm 4.4.2 (34167 The boat is not mesh, any part of it, and nothing else on the island with rounded features is showing this Anyone have any ideas ? Thanks for any replies :matte-motes-sunglasses-3:
  5. Thank you very much for the replies, very helpful
  6. As a last thought - if you were in the process of editing the house, eg, moving it about then maybe you might have let go of it as sometimes, especially with the horizontal co ordinate movements objects can seem to run away from you very fast and if youre not experienced at building it could well have shot off in the sim somewhere and be a few thousand metres away ! or even under the ground. You could try a search to see if its still on the sim somewhere. This has happened to me and ive found objects up in the air thousands of metres above me. When you do the search if the house, or the part of the house youve searched for, is there it will be easily found by following the red arrow. Try it, might help you find the house - good luck
  7. Hi all, Please excuse my ignornace here but i need confirmation on a few things im not sure about with regard to creating mesh items. Firstly: I have just downloaded blender 2.66a and will be tearing my hair out soon trying to learn how to use it but how do you go about starting to make a mesh object as opposed to a sculpted object in blender? Is there a button you press in the menu before you start that defines mesh or sculpty or is it just a case of the type of file that you save your creation under that determines wether the object is mesh or sculpty ? Secondly if i am creating a mesh object would i still need to download primstar and python or are these just used to make the upload of sculped items into second life more easy? Apologies if im appearing a bit dim here :) Thanks for any replies
  8. Hi all. I am the only estate manager for the my homestead . I have set a builders grid above my homestead at around 1000m so i can rez and build without messing up anything on the island below. Thing is I can rez items up on the grid but i cannot use the build menu, I cannot rez anything like a simple box from the building tab but I am able to do this on the land below. Excuse me if i'm being a bit daft here and have missed something simple but any input on this one would be appreciated. Thanks :)
  9. Thanks everyone. lots of useful info and good replies
  10. Ah thats great thanks for the reply and i will go have a look
  11. Hi everyone, Please excuse my ignorance but how do you go about making a movie in sl? Do you need software to do this? Is there something on the viewer you use? Do you buy some sort of vid camera in sl? I haven't a clue here so a push in the right direction would be very helpful. Im intending to just do short vids to capture the moment, nothing has to be expertly professional as its just for me. Thanks for any replies :)
  12. Ok and I find this code where exactly? is it in the AO, the prim water or embedded in the linden water, not sure on this one:)
  13. Hi, have a question about being able to swim in water, think it needs a script so maybe this is the right section. Im wondering why we are able to swim in linden water but not water we make ourselves? I understand the swimming action comes mostly from our AO's and there are swim huds you can get but............ Is it possible to say build a swimming pool with animated prim water and somehow make that water swimable by use of scripts perhaps. Only simple way I can think of doing it is to have no bottom to the pool with the linden water level up high enough inside the pool. Look forward to any answers :)
  14. Woww !! Well all I can say is thank you very much for this. Seems I now have various options open to me. As I said not looking for freebie scripts just some help with all this, which I have certainly got from all that replied. Thank you very much to all of you. I will now pop off and give all this a go
  15. Not looking for freebies just some help which i have got now and yes i can learn japanese but not in 5 minutes Thanks again everyone
  16. Oooh, thank you very much for that I think maybe I need to get to grips with this scripting thing so I can stop looking like an idiot lol. Im sorry but when it comes to scripting, at the moment, its all japanese to me but ty everyone for your help. I will give this a go now.
  17. ok I am understanding whats being told to me here and I do get why the use of these comands is required but .... "You'd just need to retool your pool cover script by adding a listen event to it that duplicates most of what's now in its touch_start event" thats the problem lol a script, to me, is just a jumble of numbers and very odd comands that are totally over my head so im sorry but I would not have a clue how to "toggle" the existing script, much like asking me to learn japanese in 5 minutes - ask me to build you something and im there, scripts no chance - guess i just stick with what I have unless I can sort this out somehow
  18. Thanks for the reply but I think that solution is a bit beyond me, im not a scriptor and I wouldnt have the faintest idea as to hoe to go about changing the script with the suggestions youve given as it looks to me as thats what i have to do was thinking more along the lines of an existing script that I can use to do the job but ty anyway
  19. Hi, Have just made myself a swimming pool cover that retracts into the side of the pool using a prim stretch on touch script. What I would really like to do is to operate the cover by using a switch on the pool side but I have a feeling if I link the two together the switch will also retract. Im certain there's a way to do this but I just can't remember. Any help much appreciated :)
  20. Thanks for that. Seems it was one part of the build that was messing it up so i unlinked it all and started again, best way i think
  21. Hi everyone, Apologies if im being a bit dim here:) I started t do some building some time ago and ive now come back to the project. Thing is i seem to have set the permissions for the item i was building as no copy and no modify. I need to redesign it but obviously i cannot make copies and i cannot modify and i cant seem to check these boxes in the edit menu so............... Am i now completely stuck and will have to build another with copy and modify or is there a way to sort this? Thanks in advance :)
  22. Wow !! thanks very much for that I have had a go myself but now ive seen your explanation im pretty sure I know where I am going wrong. I think with some experimentation I can get this . I am intending to sell these roof windows on the market place so I would not want to upset you by using your info and guide without your permission. Myabe I should put your name as credit in the header of the script and make it no copy ? Please get back to me on this as I dont want to tread on any toes and thanks again
  23. I have built the roof window and installed it complete with a script to open and close the window when you touchh it. All works well and i have it set up for opening speed and how far it opens, all this is spot on but what i want to do now is add to the window the ability for it to open and close automatically so open when the sun comes up and then close when the sun goes down. I believe the open and close on touch script can stay so as to be able to override the auto feature and im of the understanding that this all has something to do with a sensor script that detects the position of the sun. My problem is that i dont know how to put all this together
  24. okey dokey i#ll plunge in and have a bash ty for the help
  25. ok lol this didnt get me started, im not proficient in scripting and im of the impression that to do what i want, eg, get the roof window to open when the sun comes up and close when it goes down, is beyond my capabilities. I understand i need a script to check for the sun position etc but have no idea how to link this to the window open/close script, already in the prim, or indeed a timer script.
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