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  1. Perhaps you would be kind enough to do this on my behalf. I am unable to post to JIRA or other parts of the site, (reasons still unknown but suspected to be related to a recent browser security update).
  2. I'm afraid Jira ignores me too. I tried to report the suggestions page not operating. I guess it's the latest browser update messing with posting. Strange that this works ok.
  3. Ironically, the post button doesn't work. Perhaps Linden Labs don't want suggestions
  4. I have been pondering the problem of full IM queues. Part of the problem: Notices are time dependent. A music club or a group hold an event on a particular day and time. They post details of the event to members of the group as usual. The event passes, but those that have not logged in still have the notice in their IM queue, and because of the limits on IM queues their IM's are capped. Part of the suggested solution: Have a date/time stamp for when a notice expires, and remove notices from queues that have this date/time stamp set when the date is greater than the date of the notice. It does mean that behind the scenes the IM database will have to have a field added, an ExpiresDate field, but once this is added a single query run once a day will empty out old messages in a flash. In pseudo sql code, DELETE FROM IMdatabase WHERE ((ExpiresDate IS NOT NULL) AND NOW() > ExpiresDate). It could be run at any low usage time, e.g. 4am SL. Just having a queue that doesn't fill with out of date stuff would be nice. This partially addresses the database size of the IM queue, which I assume is the reason for the cap on the number of messages, and it means that if users are reasonably active the chances of missing events is lessened. Even non time critical notices could be expired after say a month or two. If a person does not log in within that time frame they might be losing interest anyway, but since expiry date setting could be optional then thoughtful group posters could ensure that their posts do not linger longer than is relevant. Yay or nay? Thoughts?
  5. My avatar is over six years old. My payment info has been on file for six years. I age verified using my passport number when age verification was in beta. I CANNOT look at adult items in marketplace and have NEVER been able to, but I can access adult areas in world. I have asked for help with this but support have not succeeded. Has anyone else not been able to purchase adult items in marketplace when they are age verified? So frustrating to still be in this position after six years when my age clearly must be well over 23 because of having used my credit card every year to pay for membership etc. Is my only option to delete my avatar and house and start all over again? This must be a bug in the database. The only way I could think age verification could be working in world but not in the marketplace would be because the age verified flag is held in two or more places (very bad practice), and normally the second location is updated from the first. In my case one flag is set and not the other (perhaps). I don't know, I'm just muttering and frustrated by this annoying limitation. I can't buy buildings from marketplace if they contain a single adult anim. Wouldn't you be as frustrated by this as me after SIX YEARS!!!! (throws teddy out of pram) PS I've just thought of another clue. I see ban lines in world if the area says must have payment info on file so that would be a specific database.
  6. Hello. I've read responses from people who say that give it time, it'll sort itself out, but I've been on SL over 6 years so that won't be an acceptable answer :) My rating on marketplace goes back to Moderate whenever I've selected Adult (I'm buying a bed that also happens to include adult poses). It frustrates the hell out of me because some of the buildings I want to buy also sometimes include adult poses. And, I can't cross age verified ban lines. I have everything set to adult and I'm obviously of an age that has no limitations on content, I used my passport when age verification first came in. I think this is a technical issue with my account but you may know better. This bug just cost me nearly 1000 L$ because an item I thought I was buying was a lesser item, so now I am keen to get this sorted once and for all. Do I talk with Lindens, or do you have informatoin of where in the mass of web pages I can check, set, update, correct this error? Thank you for any help you can give.
  7. Who would have thought eh? Librarians, saviours of the human race (grinning and remembering what Douglas Adams did to librarians in "The Hitchhikers Guide to the Universe"). It definitely is an issue having coherent access to the world's information. I think we are fed an abridged version though sometimes, and Google modifying results based on what we've searched for before is a real abomination. Haven't they ever heard of serendipity or thinking outside the box? How do they think it happens? I shudder at the implications of being only fed what one expects. But that's a whole other subject! You are very welcome Rolig. Saying an authentic thank you is the least I can do!
  8. Extremely helpful, thank you! All this stuff really should be the first thing one sees once signed up for premium. I dropped down to a free account a short while ago, feeling that I couldn't really justify costs. But after recalculating what I get back in stipend, and the amount of money I was also spending on buying Lindens, the premium account is actually a small amount. When I signed up for premium again this other information wasn't prioritised on my accounts page. Wouldn't it be nice to have a Premium Benefits tab underneath the Land Manager menu item once one has logged in? How to find premium sandboxes, special sims, a link to live chat, premium gifts, Linden Homes, and any other benefits premium members get? Perhaps it is because I don't like to trawl through such a large amount of web content, preferring to spend my time in-world, so it's partly my fault (some might say entirely), but it would be nice to see this stuff grouped together rather than buried in knowledge base articles that are only easy to find if one already knows what to look for. Microsoft have the same issue, vast amounts of data and a search engine that requires that we already know the answer to find the question. Luckily we have people like you to help! Thank you.
  9. Hi Jeffrey, How on earth would I be expected to find that without help by good people like yourself?!!! Fortunately for me another resident told me how to get Lindens on live chat, which apparently I pay for already. It was certainly quick, easy, and the issue was resolved immediately!... but thanks for your efforts anyway, much appreciated.
  10. Thank you! I was unaware of this facility or how good it is, which either means the information isn't clearly signposted, or I need new glasses!
  11. Today I got a new Linden Home. I started making adjustments to textures and then I think the server restart happened mid way through. I can no longer access my control panel for the house. This happened to me a while back, a few years, and something had to be done at the Linden end to get it working again. I cannot fathom how to submit a support ticket. None of the support categories come anywhere near to matching "Linden Home Problem". I have NEVER been able to navigate the support ticket mechanism easily and today is no exception so I'm asking here. I hope a moderator watches this area and can help me raise a ticket. Thanks.
  12. I have one day remaining before my account downgrades to basic so can do whatever is necessary. What happens to my marketplace items when my account downgrades, do they get deleted automatically? Thanks. Scy
  13. Can I add my suggestions too? This first idea can be scripted on the servers and automatic. When land is abandoned (maybe even have this as an option on the terrain edit tab for the owner to clean up their own land), remove all objects from it automatically then smooth the parcel land to the surrounding terrain levels. Put a few trees and shrubs on it (again this can be scripted and triggered when land is abandoned). Set the permissions on the land so that nobody can build on it until they buy it! The pros: No need for land management teams to admin the abandoned land (except perhaps to divide up or join). Adjoining land retains its value. Living near, next to, or in formerly abandoned land becomes more appealing. Having a wooded areas dotted around is pleasant to see, and if one is looking for land seeing a wooded area will immediately attract more attention of those interested. Consider upping the stipend by a small amount each year (50L$?), perhaps up to a sensible max of 500 L$, which was the stipend for early adopters. This might be a slight encouragement / reward for long term SL participation. Consider making the first tier level over 1024 rather than 512. This would probably invoke a negative response but consider the longer term effects. The SL economy grows because: Buildings can be purchased that are well built because they can fit into the parcel size, need for furniture etc (generating higher value L$ transactions). Less troublesome owners would I think be more inclined to voluntarily leave gaps between themselves and neighbours. There will be an incentive for fragmented land to be recombined into larger parcels which are more suitable for occupation. Increase the smallest parcel size to 256 x 256 sq m to make it impossible for "speculators" to plonk a 16 sq m square inside a desirable plot then put it up for sale at an exorbitant price. Make it impossible for sea based plots to have ban lines (I hate all ban lines to be honest). The idea of selling sea plots was really ill-advised as it's created floating ghettos instead of house boats. If boats or mer-folk was the intention it failed miserably. I think shore lines should have always have remained protected land so there is always a beach (plus rez areas for boating enthusiasts). There really should be navigable water around all land as well as maybe even between continents (a strip of sea rather than the whole thing, a "shipping lane"). Sea fairing adventure games/role play could be a possibility). Stomp hard on abusers of SL. The current trend of giving objects that ask for full account permissions are on the increase. SL is left by LL to just get on with it but there are still legal responsibilities that nobody but LL can shoulder, such as the existence of rape, torture, dismemberment and beastiality areas. It simply -isn't- acceptable to promote abuse (mental or otherwise) in any world. Excellent topic by the way. I hope LL read it.
  14. That is very sad... To feel female on the inside while ones body is male, or the opposite is such an incredible trial. I am not surprised that she didn't reveal all Sephina, to do so would be to break the mirror of her SL life. It is the person inside that is the real person, and it is the body that is out of sync with the mind, not the other way round. Of course there is a whole range of positions on the sexuality as well as the gender scale, but for those that feel to their roots that they are a different gender inside from that of their body are often tormented. For these individuals they are not gay, they are a different gender from that of their body. That's a very different perspective from person who prefers the same gender. All go through hell because society assumes we are what we appear as but there is a difference between someone who has a mismatch between gender and sexuality and those who prefer the same gender. It's a shame that this distinction isn't often made because it would help everyone to be more informed. I hope your friend finds courage to return inworld where she can be who she is Sephina. SL can be a valuable life-line and a place to find how one can exist happily. Thank you for your post.
  15. The use of the voice wasn't the point of my original post, that's up to the individual, but yes I guess you are right. Did you ever ask yourself what you would do (I'm assuming you are male) if you fell in love with another man? Now there's a dilemma! lol. Isn't it the mind of the person you fall for? Or is it a more base desire that you are fulfilling? I was after ease of use and for keeping the costs down of any voice. There's no fun in paying so much just for a pixie (or a female voice if that is your requirement) just for occasional use. An automatic payment would be really useful if one is a consistent role play character than never changes their voice. But while on the subject of female voices, how many of your men friends are really men? And if they are friends then what does it matter if they are female? They're obviously interested in the same stuff! It widens our horizons and helps extinguish any prejudices we may harbour ) My first friend in SL happened to be a gay man. Excellent guy, really one in a million. We discussed how we would never have met in RL and become friends, that would have been a great shame. I know my life was enriched by our friendship and hope the opposite was true too. As a hetero guy I have male and female friends, gay and straight (most people don't mention their preferences but I know of a few that do). To be honest I really don't care what the avatar looks like because I'm not wanting to get anyone into bed! ) Is that your aim? I'd much rather have amazing friends from all parts of the rainbow thank you lol. Said with a big grin.
  16. Good day. I only use one morphed voice out of any pack so I would like to request two things: 1) That single voices are made available at a hopefully a smaller fee (even L$100 per month for a single voice would be a tolerable cost. The current fee is quite prohibitive if one only has stipend income. 2) That a "standing order" or "direct debit" style arrangement for could be put in place so that the voice subscription is automatically renewed, (taking funds from ones L$ wallet, not from RL) without the need to go to voice island. If there aren't sufficient L$ then the subscription would cancel. Pretty simple arrangement. This latter facility would be very useful for a club or group subscription too, especially where one gives away something very decent once a month to subscribing members. I can see benefits to LL and users of putting this facility in place, not only for voice purchasing. I would welcome feedback, support for the idea, criticisms etc. Regards Scy
  17. Good day. I only use one morphed voice out of any pack so I would like to request two things: 1) That single voices are made available at a hopefully a smaller fee (even L$100 per month for a single voice would be a tolerable cost. The current fee is quite prohibitive if one only has stipend income. 2) That a "standing order" or "direct debit" style arrangement for could be put in place so that the voice subscription is automatically renewed, (taking funds from ones L$ wallet, not from RL) without the need to go to voice island. If there aren't sufficient L$ then the subscription would cancel. Pretty simple arrangement. This latter facility would be very useful for a club or group subscription too, especially where one gives away something very decent once a month to subscribing members. I can see benefits to LL and users of putting this facility in place, not only for voice purchasing. I would welcome feedback, support for the idea, criticisms etc. Regards Scy
  18. Symptom: I change my profile. I do not see the update but others do. When I click on my own profile it is as it was. Possibly related: I update my profile picture (what a pain that is now!). I see the updated picture in IM windows, and I see in my "Feed" that I have changed the picture, BUT, the picture is the old one at the top of the profile window (next to the Edit Profile button). The reason I say that updating the profile picture is a pain is that I can no longer drag a picture from my inventory to the profile picture box. I have to download it to my computer then upload it to the profile, i.e. it has to be a file on my local hard disk. There is no other way (that I can see) of changing the profile picture. Pain. Thank you. I also can't see a way to answer the suggestion other than by editing my original... :( I have cleared cache and waited a week and not only did the updated picture not appear in my profile (that I see) but also my other changes don't appear to been instigated. I have not tried to change profile for a little while so I do not know when this stopped working.
  19. Dear all, May I recommend reading http://blogs.secondlife.com/community/features/blog/2010/09/13/changes-to-display-names-based-on-your-feedback shown at the start of this page as Display Name FAQs as this does acknowledge many of the complaints and causes of concern/anger being raised and expressed here. I see a flaw in one of the remedies suggested. One must look at the original idea... This was to separate the login information from the displayed name to make it a lot easier for new residents to sign up (apparently some are put off by having to decide on or find a name that is not taken at the initial sign up stage, which is understandable). It was also to allow resident's names to be in the language of the resident as SL is used world-wide, I'm in the UK and my partner in Israel for instance, and those in France and Germany for instance will under this new scheme be able to use accented characters where they were not in the login name (yes, like me you are probably wondering "why didn't LL allow unicode characters in the login to solve this original problem" but then spotting an accent on a character in a person's name means you've got to type it if you want to talk to them, so there are practical reasons for not doing this). The proposed fix for the main concerns of impersonation in commerce, and impersonation in resident interaction, will be to display the login name alongside the display name (if the two are different) in all the places that it matters, e.g. commerce, chat, reporting etc. I think we appear to be having more of a reaction to our names not being unique in-world, but anyone who has searched for their own name on Google will be amazed at how many people on the planet (that Google is aware of) have the same name. We cope with it in RL because there is no choice. We can't be the only one with that "display name" no matter how inventive our parents are so we have other means to identify us individually such as National Insurance/Social Security number etc. I think that having unique display names was very "comfortable" but it was ultimately to the detriment of SL and its newcomers (who would lose out to the "best" names being used by older residents) so one can see -why- this idea of display names occurred. As to how successful it is, well that's another issue of course. In RL one has to apply to change one's name officially, but anyone can take any alias they like, and like the ones in SL the "griefers" in RL will take whatever name suits their nefarious needs without the permission of those that they impersonate. Griefers are my main concern (in RL as well as SL) as they make SL unpleasant for everyone. Ensuring that the login name is seen when needed (without having to look in profiles etc) would address most comments here. SL is still miles ahead (kilometers if you are metric) of the rivals in what it has achieved. Like many here I really cringe sometimes at the bugs in Viewer 2 (ever tried creating a landmark? Nice that the save button is disabled!) but they'll be fixed eventually. I can't imagine LL not wanting to make it great for everyone but I do think they have different ideas of what is important so we'll have to keep nagging to get things done in the right order. My appended nags: I find the colours don't suit my eyes (the contrast is too great between text and the background as I have eyes that are very colour and luminance sensitive, i.e they work properly!). I have asked from day 1 for skinning in Viewer 2 and I'm asking again because this is the only thing that continually spoils SL for me. Oh yes, and can you please stop the local chat window going semi-transparent when focus is lost. Focus is lost whenever one types in the text box for local chat rendering the chat unreadable if against a bright background!!! It's because LL have treated local chat differently from IM. A bad move. I hope that my comments are helpful/interesting/reasoned.
  20. Comes with a whole new set of bugs... like the wrong and completely different resident name showing up in the IM window, but when copy pasting the conversation it shows the real name, and I have not set my name to be Grumpity either LL although I could be pursuaded providing the resident that owns this name doesn't mind me using it in a negative context.... Grrrrrr... lol
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