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  1. lol wilhiam, careful dlont mess up ya image lol
  2. Hi Storm, Thank you for the bear, you are not boring me either, its great to see someone take the initiative to do something good for others, what do you mean you are cashing in your chips?
  3. I would love a bear, thanks. My thoughts are with those in Japan, such devastation is unimaginable, to those who are there stay safe, tc edit- no need to send the bear storm, I just found them, I will buy some and send to friends and encourage them to do the same, a great idea Storm
  4. psssttt do ya think sling is referring to us guys?
  5. Let's show these smileys what it means to be a REAL smiley boys, ready , set, gooooo
  6. Hi Valerie, thank you! Love your pic. Thanks for a great thread Suspira, some great pics here :smileyhappy:
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