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  1. Uhh, replace the current viewer with one that isn't such a nightmare to use? Or, maybe stop telling paid account residents to file a support ticket and wait 3 days for a response when they have a problem?
  2. I was hoping to hear some clever replies. The best I can come up with is, None. They out-source it and wait for a tech to show up.
  3. How many LIndens does it take to change a light bulb?
  4. Oh, maybe it's Phil's birthday and they're partying.
  5. Eeek, that came out harsher than I meant it, but still, they don't have to pretend to be so perfect,. An admisssion of error is better than some lame excuse or passing of the buck.
  6. Hehe, but if they did it'd be better than everyone thinking they're a bunch of morons who can keep their system working.
  7. Can anyone get a count on how many are still inworld?
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