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  1. i cant log in too any viewers i am so frusted i have rebooted everything clear cach carter tested nothing helps , but my friend is able too log in too the account on his pc please help
  2. thank you all for your help an comments smiles after LL working on my inventory for another reason seem too have bring the wedding dress i bought on marketplace up now so yay!!!! me got a wedding dress now hehehe ,:):) thank you all again .
  3. thank you all for your replies i thought maybe if find someone else this happen too there fix too it. i guess the only fix really is learn a lessen go in world an buy know for sure the one u buying from is on sl . if i read the reviews behind too i would see there was only 1 revew it was bk in 2012 i bought the dress in 2014 i did contact LL an the creature none were able too help not even the person in the creature profile it said too contact them if there was a problem she wasn't partners no more too her with her store .i just hope no one else falls
  4. Hello i;am not sure this can be on here ? here it goes i bought a wedding dress on mp while bk . never received it the creature is no longer on sl . i think LINDEN LABS should change there policy too stop people from losing there Lindens when someone leaves secondlife not sure how they can stop that from happening other then maybe freeze an account that not active for a certain time till the owner comes back ? or maybe have a redelivery terminal for all of second life stuff maybe add it too there terms when they open a marketplace store an have already store
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