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  1. Interesting. Why bother having that person as a store manager if you don't trust them? I think it's critical that test delivery go to the person that requested it. I guess test delivery could always go to that list of options, but i it is going to be an option, and the person is not allowed to do it, then it should be greyed out so that the store owner isn't inundated with test product deliveries. That's my 2 cents or L$5
  2. When a store manager clicks Test Delivery on a product, the product is sent to the store owner and not the store manager. Test Delivery should go to the person who requested it. Having store manager/s is a wonderful new feature. So incredibly helpful for people who want to collaborate.
  3. I think this is a great new feature. It will really help for people who collaborate on stores / product builds. Thank you
  4. You'll make yourself crazy trying to figure out what other people want. Your Art should come from within you, and if you look at your completed art piece and feel a sense of accomplishment, then you did a really good job. ilyra IC From Within
  5. Note: Photography is art. Posting this as someone asked me in world if they could submit an SL Photo for the contest. The answer is yes - it would be submitted as 2D art.
  6. I am hoping this is the right forum for this post. Sponsoring an Art in the Park contest. Linden dollar prizes will be awarded. Theme: Autumn Harvest Exhibition begins on Sunday, October 5, 2014, with winners announced on October 12. Exhibit closes on October 19, 2014 There is no entry fee Submission deadline: 5 PM SLT on October 3, 2014 Submissions are to one of two categories (2D or 3D); one submission per artist Submit art in-world to ilyra chardin with permissions of no mod/no copy/trans Judging will be done by a panel of five judges (see Art in the Park Judges) Prizes: Prizes will be awarded in the two categories as follows: 1st Place for 3D = L$2000 2nd Place for 3D = L$1000 1st Place for 2D = L$2000 2nd Place for 2D = L$1000 ***** Submit art in world to ilyra chardin ***** Contest Rules and Submission Guidelines: General - All work must be original, unpublished art created specifically for this contest - Artists may submit one and only one piece - Art may be either 2D or 3D - Submissions need to be accompanied with Artist information (notecard,) which should include your website (and / or flicker or Digital Art, etc.) If you have an in world gallery, or an in world or MP store, please include that as well - Scripted objects require permission in advance - Artist retains all rights to their work, which will be returned to them at exhibit completion - Art should be set with permissions of no copy / no mod / transfer - Art must not depict explicit sexual or violent content. Racist or hate content will not be tolerated. - Temprus owners, admins, shopkeepers, hosts, performers, contest judges, and their families are prohibited from entering the contest - Art will be judged based upon adherence to the theme, originality, and use of art media - Art will be judged under the linden default sky set at midday - Judges decisions are final 2D Submissions - Must have a Prim Equivalence of no more than 3 (allows for artists to customize their display with a frame, a shadow or the like.) - While we allow for customized displays, 2D submissions must be just that. If you create an art piece of a tree and attach branches to the art piece, it must be submitted as 3D art - 2D Art plus display must fit within a 3 X 3 meter area 3D Submissions - Must have a Prim Equivalence (Land Impact) of no more than 20 - Space and Prims for 3D sculptures is limited. In the event of too many submissions in this area, we will honor submissions on a first come basis and notify submitters immediately if their work cannot be accommodated - Must have a footprint no larger than 4 x 4 meters and be no more than 6 meters tall Art in the Park Judges (In Reverse Alphabetical Order by First Name): Slatan Dryke Slatan Dryke is an artist, builder, photographer, and sculptor. He is a mentor and a linguist, whose talents are like an ever flowing spring. He is an RHN Mentor and Community Linguist and Translator. His roots in mentoring reach back to the time when the Mentoring Program was officially managed by Linden Labs. He is currently a Mentor and Educator for several groups, but feels a special kinship to the Virtual Ability Group. The purpose of this group is to simplify Second Life for those residents with different abilities. Slatan is a volunteer for LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts.) His sculptures have been featured SLB and BURN, and are displayed in Art Galleries, including UWA Art Space. His photography can be viewed on his flickr page. ToySoldier Thor ToySoldier Thor is an artist, content creator and builder, whose work began in Second Life and transitioned into the real world. In April 2010, thanks to inspiration from other amazing creators / artists, he caught the "ARTIST" bug. Toy's art quickly expanded from an SL Photography passion into a full fledged presence as an SL Artist. In 2011 he built a large 5 floor art gallery where he now displays over 80 of his wide range of art works - both 2D wall art and 3D mesh sculptures. His art has been exhibited in several other SL public & private art galleries. His art is uniquely known for providing his "Artist's Comments" into each work. All his work is for sale. In July 2014, a customer from Deviant Art contacted Toy, requesting his Shattered 3D model so he could make a 3D Print on his own personal "MakerBot Replicator 2X" 3D Printer. Toy agreed on the condition that the customer would print a second copy for Toy. JMB Balogh JMB has extensive experience as an Art Director and Curator in Second Life from 2010 through the present. Although she does not consider herself to be an artist, she has an equally extensive portfolio. She thinks of herself as an historian in a way, capturing moments in Second Life and one of her first photography projects was making a record of the Crimson Shadow gothic cathedral build before it disappeared from Second Life, as well as the King Tut exhibit which was moved to Open Sims. JMB owns two galleries, Seaside Gallery and Photography by JMB Balogh which also houses her large collection of the work of other SL photographers she admires. Both are open to visitors. Since February 2014, JMB has been a LEA (Linden Endowment for the Arts) volunteer and serves as (temporary) advisor with the LEA committee. Argus Collingwood Argus Collingwood is an artist and a designer, who has been a member of Second Life since 2005. She and her husband were the Internet operations team for the rock band, Journey, and in 2008 their RL work bridged into Second Life for a one year experimental immersive Journey SIM experience that coincided with the 2009 release of the band’s album, “Revelation.” Argus is involved in the music and art community as a SIM owner, event coordinator, club owner, photographer, fashion designer, host and dancer. She is an active member of Deviant Art, Pinterest, Flickr, and Facebook, as well as being an active blogger. Argus’ passion for capturing the moments of Second Life events has yielded an extensive portfolio of 3D photo art. Adrian Harbinger Adrian Harbinger is a real life artist and writer, whose work in the real world includes Acrylic and Oil Paintings, Watercolors, Charcoal, Pastels, and Air Dry Clay Sculptures. He made the transition to the world of digital art when he joined Second Life in 2005. His early sculptures, compromised entirely of prims, included such fine works as: Predator, Orion, and Iwo Jima (The Raising of the Flag.) His early sculptures were featured in Second Life Art Museums. In 2008, Adrian was commissioned to build statues representing each of rock band Journey’s albums, which were featured on Journey Island from 2008 through 2009. He also built unique sculptures to promote diabetes awareness for the five years that Bid4aCure raised money on Second Life (2007 through 2011.) Adrian was a partner in the popular Harbinger’s Haven Builder’s Sandbox, a free secure sandbox that he and his business partner, Bellissa Dion, operated from 2006 until August of 2014. Harbinger’s Haven offered tutorials and free textures for builders both new and seasoned.
  7. I fixed all three stores manually. In Merchant Chat, people are reporting that the fixed items (listed now as General) are not showing up unless you're logged in. So clearly there are still more underlying issues. However, I believe that most people log into MP, and so setting the items back to the proper rating yourself should help. Do this via edit listings. Click on the maturity rating to sort them in order. The Matures will come up on the first page. Adult listings will be on the last page. You can check each item on the page listing, then use the drop down on the bottom - select edit and then click go. it defaults to general. you have to check the maturity rating and then click the radio button to the appropriate rating. Then click update and it will bulk update the ratings of all the items that you had checked.
  8. You're right, Pam. I checked the JIRA and it's still listed as open. In the Merchants chat, I thought that they had said that it had been fixed, but it could be that i just need more sleep. :matte-motes-yawn:
  9. After the announcement that it has been fixed, i found items in one of my stores (things like candles and chairs) listed as ADULT. In another store, simple cushions and ice cream listed as ADULT. "Way to go LL! You fixed it real good!" <-- in my best Marissa Tormei ala My Cousin Vinny accent.
  10. Perrie Juran wrote: I don't know what is going on here. I just did some testing switching back and forth between my desk top and my lap top. If I changed the setting in one and logged out, then logged in with the other the setting was changed. Tried this going back and forth between the two. So something must be getting saved on the server. (Note: The setting didn't stick unless I actually searched something at the chosen maturity level.) Have you tried using a different browser? Beyond that I'm stuck. I finally had a chance to try it on Chrome and I followed your steps - I set it to GMA and then searched on keyword = Gor and it finally took. Switching back to the other browser, it's now working there as well. Thank you.
  11. I actually did reply to everything that i was asked about the browser, etc. The only thing that I have not yet tried to do is to use chrome to see if that yeilds a different result. For the record and, for the last time, the LL response to the original issue that occured a month or so ago (was posted here as well) referenced the VIEWER settings. I'm going to go with what LL said in their ticket reply. Their steps did fix it then, but not this time. When I can, I'll try on Chrome and post back, especially if it does work. Also, someone else mentioned LL internal settings as a possible issue, so perhaps when they can get to the ticket, it will fix this.
  12. It’s not working for me, Pierre. I'm an adult and have adult verified. This was working fine (since the last incident with it - which was the first time it was broken) until the unscheduled market place maintenance. I am not clear of the connection, only that was an observable event prior to settings not working again. The last (and only other time) that this broke was when I upgraded viewers. Since this was broken anyway, and there was yet another new release - I have again upgraded viewers. That didn't fix the problem nor did the other steps that I took.
  13. Arwen Serpente wrote: Something was broken this morning with the maturity ratings on the MP. I logged on as usual, my settings are always GMA. It had reset them to G. In fact, a couple of my listings had for some unknown reason gone to A and I couldn't view my own listings. After a number of tries to reset the maturity, it finally "stuck" again on GMA. How did you get it to work? I've been trying since the MP unscheduled maintenance to get this fixed, following all the advice from the last time that this occurred. The steps included: setting prefs to G on the viewer, logging out, relogging, setting to GMA, clearing browser history, etc. And nothing is working. I tried the above advice as well. I am not in-world at all. I am logged on to SL.Com.. i went to MP, reset from General to GMA (even hit refresh after that and GMA stayed. I clicked "view my store" and in the search box prefs it is reset to General again. Nothing is working. Also to answer the other questions...I’ve have cleared browser cache (as recommended) so no cookies stored. I also have my browser set to remove cookies once I shut it down anyway. I've looked all over my account pages and cannot find where you can also specify GMA there? As far as I've been able to find out (and per LL's response to my support ticket,) the only place that this is captured is on the viewer prefs.
  14. Freya Mokusei wrote: Contrary to your impression, Maturity is stored in your account online. It's retrieved by your viewer after you log in, and ditto Marketplace. The last time that this occurred, I opened a support ticket (same as I just had to when this occurred again after the MP unscheduled maintenance. In the support ticket response, LL indicated that it was coming from the viewer. Lastly, I have tried repeatedly to reset to GMA on MP and it is not working even after browser cache is repeatedly cleared. I have followed all of the prior steps which included setting my preferences to general then back to GMA and clearing all browser cache to no avail. Thank you for your response, but the information that you provided is inconsistent with both my experience and with the written information provided by LL in the prior support ticket. An excerpt of LL's response from the prior support history: Hello Ilyra, Thank you for contacting MarketPlace Support. I'm sorry that you have had a problem accessing adult content in the MarketPlace. First thing would be to double check the settings in the viewer. Make sure that they read GMA in your preferences. If they already show GMA. Change to just G. Relog and change the setting again back to GMA. That should reset anything that went sideways on us. Next, clear the browser history.
  15. Like everyone on SL, I have my account information accessible from and stored on the LL Second Life website. Here we have transactions, friend lists, groups, etc...everything EXCEPT the maturity ratings for content that we want to see in world and on MP. Why is that an issue? Because the connection between the viewer and SL Market Place sometimes gets broken, limiting the content that you are allowed to view (even in your own store) to general content only. This issue is further exacerbated by LL's inconsistent enforcement of the maturity rating system, which forces you to list "Disney-like" items as mature or even adult (if you happen to make FW Dresses for role players.) There is absolutely no way (even when logged in to MP) to change your viewing preferences - it's all driven from the viewer. Linden Labs lists supports / allows / approves third party viewers. They have even gone so far as to restrict their creativity in developing new features and functions, citing the need for "consistent end user experience" as the rationale. But this limitation appears to be in one direction only. The simple fix would be to store viewing preferences with your account information on SL.com. Alternatively, LL could enable viewing preference choices to be selected at the time of MP browsing provided that an end user is logged in (stopping them from being overridden by choices made in a viewer.) Thus LL would enable the "consistent end-user experience" that they touted as a key mission for themselves and for the third party viewers. For now, this remains just another silly pain point. That's my two cents (L$5)
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