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  1. Is there some app to log in SL from my phone? (Android). I would use it mainly for chat. Ty!
  2. Wow thanks for all your suggestions! I agree with everything you said! I will work on the eyebrow and chin shape. Also you are right about the hair color, the one I'm wearing in the pictures is from Doux so I'm going to check darker blondes. Thanks I appreciate the help to get the closer look as possible ❤️
  3. Yes! But I think I need to work on the shape a little more 🙂
  4. Lol it was intented to look like Gigi Hadid....I guess I need to work more on the shape. Any advice will be appreciated 😅🤭
  5. HI! I been working for a few hours playing with skins, BOM layers and shape adjustments to get my avi to look like one of my favorite celebrities. I'm not sure if I got it right. Can you recognize the celebrity? Thanks
  6. Thanks for the tips! I've changed the eyebrow shape also there's now more distance between lips and nose and it looks a lot better!. Ty 🥰
  7. Hi! I'm trying to make a new avi (new face). I've tried to make a "different" face and I like it but somehow I'm not sure if there is something that looks odd I appreciate your suggestions ty!
  8. Are there in SL cool clubs/places where I can find high quality environment and good looking avatars (mostly in mesh)? Most of the clubs that I have found with higher traffic looks kinda outdated. Where are all those fashionistas? :-D Thanks for your suggestions.
  9. Thanks for your answer. In this case I think my settings are "need" (as you said) to improve the ambiance, it is a dark/urban town. It looks really bad in some windlights like Cawl or similar...but I understand what you mean. Ty
  10. I have set a special windlight settings in my region, I would like to know if it is possible that my visitors always see my region with the region windlight settings. I have seen some sims where a pop up appears in the screen to suggest you to change your windlight to the region settings...how I can do that? Sorry bad english. I would like that everyone see my place with the windlight that I have choosen for the region (it may look bad in other windlight settings). Thanks
  11. Ren Toxx wrote: Kyodai Farstrider wrote: [...] And speaking of clarification, I bought the Jamaican man full pack, which has the mesh logo on the shopping bag and pictures of avatars with dreadlocked hair at the display stand. Was I really wrong to assume that the hair would have been somewhere in there as part of the full pack? I finally went there and checked the pack. The curvy, rainbow 'M' in the bag is actually the store's logo, not a generic symbol denoting Second Life products made with mesh. This logo can be seen all over the store, always accompanied by the explicit text 'unique megastore' below it, to help make the association. 3 years in SL? logging in one day per year? FACEPALM....
  12. Es posible que este personaje tenga los comentarios del muro de su perfil desactivados, con lo cual no podrías escribir nada. En SL hay gente que intenta estafar como en RL. Lección aprendida....ten mucho cuidado con a quien le envias directamente tus $L, intenta comprar en tiendas y no directamente de un avatar ya que eso es bastante sospechoso. Fijate en el perfil del vendedor, si tiene información de pago, tienda en mundo y cierta antiguedad pueden ser pistas de seriedad...Y sobretodo, no esperes intervención de LL a no ser que sea una estafa a escala mayor y se de el caso de que muchos avatares envíen report. Es una pena, pero asi va la cosa...
  13. LOL...wonderful response, i agree. Go to RL and begging, then you will got some $L to spend in your SL whims (i do not recommend you begging in SL, it's against TOS and you can get reported...)
  14. As far as i know camping is not allowed by linden lab TOS anymore...(traffic gaming)
  15. I'm pretty sure that this skin is from League :matte-motes-bashful-cute: BTW, 1500 $L for a shape in my opinion is a steal. http://www.flickr.com/photos/alineverrazzano/7680646888/lightbox/ (it's a paler tone on the pic, but look at the lips, noise and eyebrows...)
  16. Innula Zenovka wrote: The problem is, though, Nataly, that, while LL can -- and, as far as I know, do -- stop known copybot and griefer viewers from logging in, that isn't a great deal of use, since it's simple enough for a malicious viewer to disguise itself as something innocuous. At the moment, they apparently report themselves as Phoenix or Firestorm because the people who make them take those viewers and adapt them Thanks for this info Innula
  17. I wonder why topics like this get always the same answers: "copybot is not going to stop", "nothing can be done", " they will copy anyway", etc... I KNOW that copybot is not going to stop, i'm talking about the measures that could be taken to reduce a lot the content theft and make things harder for botters. For example block malicious viewers (that's all) and more stringent disciplinary actions (at least take a look to filed reports against copybotters...) As well i think that LL should take actions regarding that web with tones of copybotted stuff to download, coming from their server.
  18. If Linden Lab blocks logins from viewers with copybot capabilities there would be a high reduction of thieves and content theft. Nobody uses the old "copybot" system nowdays (wich was a lot harder to use). Now with these viewers they just need one click to copy a full avatar...the thing is that NOTHING has been done from LL to offer a bit of help to merchants and residents about this issue. Nothing. Copybot is not going to stop, but it's a shame that these viewers have free acces to SL if Linden Lab is able to block them.
  19. Well...my question is: Linden Lab can block logins from these known viewers with copybot capability? from what I heard they are able to do it. This would help a lot to prevent the content theft and put the things harder to the thieves
  20. Hola Cristal, estamos casi todos igual. No se cual es el problema pero los logins estan deshabilitados (creo que estan de mantenimiento). No nos queda mas que tener paciencia y esperar que no se trate de nada serio (que linden no la haya liado demasiado...jejej)
  21. Hola, en mi experiencia te aconsejo hacer una foto con la ventana de inspección abierta, es decir inspeccionando el articulo copiado (en la que se vea el nombre del creador del ítem copiado, fechas, etc..) y que le mandes esa captura de pantalla (snapshot) al creador original. Si tu solo lo reportas (que por cierto, no esta de mas) posiblemente Linden no tomará ninguna accion, pero si el creador original lo hace aportando sus pruebas, enviando DMCA etc.. el copybotter tendrá casi con seguridad su cuenta baneada en poco tiempo. Es cierto que esta gentuza se abre una cuenta tras otra, pero si denunciamos y les van baneando los avis llegará un dia en que se cansaran...ya me diras tu que gracia tiene SL si cada dos por tres tienes que estar haciéndote avis nuevos, perdiendo todo lo que tenias en tus avis anteriores, empezando de 0....mi consejo es: reporta y enviale una foto o la localización del copybotter al creador original. Saludos!
  22. Bigoldbum, what you deserves after have filed a counter-notification is to be called to the court to learn a lesson and get a punishment. Your stuff is evidently STOLEN, period. I know very well about Truth hairs, and yours are identical prim per prim, textures even accessories. So you can guess from who came the DMCA (just saying). "Truth" hair is a genuine and well established store in SL from long ago...How the hell you sent a counter-notification not being the copyright owner?? Someone pointed that your skins were stolen too...pretty sure of that, evidently are not made by yourself. And i can assure you that the AO of one of your "full avatars" it's from Vista animations(same HUD), wich i'm going to contact...Avatars made 95% by you??...lol...
  23. Jennifer Boyle wrote: Amethyst got it right. Customers want and expect, rightly, that their purchases, for which they have paid, will be delivered promptly. When that doesn't happen, they get angry. Wouldn't you? They don't care whose fault it is; they just want the stuff they paid for. Not agree with this. I have had problems with ítems not delivered from marketplace and instead get angry i just sent a polite notecard to the merchant explainning the issue. then merchant has resent the ítem and problem solved. People leaving bad reviews due ítems not received are just idiots, they can take the time to write the bad review instead give a chance to the merchant sending a notecard or IM...so, there are "customers" and "customers". For these stupid people i would say: delivery issues are NOT FAULT of the merchants, do not pay with them your frustration for delivery failures of the MP system!
  24. bigoldbum wrote: there are like 50 items in the package(my items are full avatars and 95% I created myself and 5% I bought with full perms with resale rights) When you say that you created 95% of the full avatars you mean the shape, skin, clothing etc...? It's posible that the full perms that you bought were in copyright infringment (stolen)...But i agree with you, DMCA process it's terrible
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