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  1. Please remember that Blender has always been free. Only at one time they used to sell the manual separate. Hence why Blender is confusing as all hell. It was designed to be so you would buy the damn manual. Blender company dies because the product is junk and no one buys the manual. Open source people get it and now its the greatest 3D application since sliced bread because the license comes with a free tree. PLEASE. Blender was a mess 10 years ago and its the same mess today. Just made with lentils. The problem with Blender is the same as it always has been. ITS BLENDER !! The original Blender wasn't free; in fact it wasn't even meant to be published. What you use for 3D modeling is entirely up to you. I was merely suggesting two free options. Blender's capability has been . If you think a high-end commercial application will improve the quality of your work for Second Life, you're in for a big surprise. We are talking about game assets here, not the next Hollywood CG blockbuster.
  2. That's like the sort of "choice" the Soviet government gives you. You've got it backwards, Prokofy. In free market capitalism, the consumer has all the choices. He can buy classic prim products, sculpted prim products, or mesh prim products. You want to reduce his choices. You want to tell him that the old crap is good enough and better quality is not needed. That is what Soviet-style communism was all about. Even worse, you are promoting laziness. You think that the dumb and lazy need to be protected from the smart and productive. You are preaching socialism.
  3. It seems you are unfamiliar with the basic principles of solidarity and decency, Masami. Not at all, Prokofy. That's why I am co-owner of the in-world group "Blender Users". Our goal is to provide support for all those content creators who use Blender. The group currently has 793 members. Anyone who has been using Blender to make sculpted prims or baked avatar textures is perfectly prepared for the upcoming mesh feature. In fact meshes will make things a lot easier. Mesh support was announced pretty much exactly one year ago. Plenty of time to choose a 3D modeling application and get familiar with it. At least two of those applications have been available free of charge: Blender and Wings 3D. Maybe they slipped below your radar because they are made by those open-source hippies that you so despise. Anyway, there is no excuse for creators who chose to twiddle their thumbs for the past 12 months. You either want to make money or you don't.
  4. It means these people -- and some professional 3-D content creators outside of SL currently -- can come in and step on the old prim craftsmen. Thousands of people, some of whom even make a living selling prim furniture and other prim-based items. It seems you are still unfamiliar with the basic principles of capitalism, Prokofy. What are you going to do? Establish a Prim Labor Union?
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