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  1. Shure. Adding a new Thread to the JIRA will chage anything... like the Thread about the not working viewer cache, opened 2,5 years ago. The cache does not work correctly, with the 2.5 it is buggy - nothing happens. You are not interested reading anything beseides the postings of some claqueurs. Thats it. Linden never has heared anything what has even slightest critics in it.
  2. Oh? A new version of my.secondlife.com is rolled out..... Read the comments here. Read them again. And then read another blogpost here: Improving our Lines of Communication with the Community Do you see that one of you two is simply lying to us? This crappy web profile is not what we want. Improve your communication - learn reading this comments!
  3. This is quite normal. The ports in the wiki posting are outgoing ports. The incomming ports are negotiated while establishing the connections and will move every time you establish a new connection.to the SL and voice servers. This is how IP works. Your firewall should support a method to open the incomming port automatically based on this negotiation. With my linux based firewall this is done with iptables -A FORWARD -i $DSL -o $LAN -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT iptables -A FORWARD -o $DSL -i $LAN -m state --state ESTABLISHED,RELATED -j ACCEPT The "--state ESTABLISHED,RELATED" says: If there is an outgoing connection established, open the related incomming port, which is negotiated while establishing the connection. I don't know how your Firewall is configured, but there should be such an option. Most Connections to the internet need it.
  4. That's a urgently needed information, we have questions in the forums all the time... Thanks, Torley.
  5. While loading Inventory moving is a pain. This is definitely not only a little worse compared to 2.4 And, no, my Internet link is not slow (16 MBit-Link)
  6. Improvements??? ROFL laugh at it. If that is technical improvemend, SL/Linden is far from the technics level of yr 2000... and we have 2010 already. Up to now i never thought SL being so far behind.... More likely are financial difficulties, that fits better to the image Linden left in mind of many users within the last months. They closed it because they are no longer able to pay for it. And, by the way: There where a lot of People on AU with nohting in mind with SL. Many even had bad opinions to SL... now their opinion will get worse and they will tell that to friends and gamers. Seems to be kind of "shot in the head Marketing", uh?
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