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  1. first of all i want to thank everyone about this attempt was made to solve the problem. there is one of my clients which uses a same digistream with the same actual problem and still after working on the DG-X Boards i had no luck and the problem was remain but and all of a sudden (oops lol) seems digistreams are working in general. i made many tests with different digistreams and the issue return to normal....thank you everyone streamers i was testing and successfully work now: http://ohana.digistream.info:10288 , http://poppysplace.digistream.info:11436 , http://mud
  2. ok guys seems LL do rolling restarts and pass the new code on the second life main servers hopefully there will be more updates to the rest regions and finally the new code will work for all channels the DG-X Shoucast/Icecast boards by Daffy's Gadgetmania update the new code and is compatible now! if anyone got error from DG-X board and need immediately update there is update script on this location: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Magic Bay/70/13/37 best regards Daffy Proto and thank you everyone for any of your precious help!
  3. ok seems the issue on with the statistics relay at the RC Magnum regions remain the same problem and get error..... but i was on sl beta at a region: DRTSIM-323 and did some few tests with this new HTTP_USER_AGENT code and seems is working fine : Status:200, ResponseBody:<HTML><meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"></head><body>7,1,23,1000,7,128,Alien Vampires - Humans=Cunts</body></html> but i still got error on some few streamers like: http://sl_live_radio.net-radio.org:8167 - SL Live Radio : "URL passed to llHTTPReque
  4. there can be many reasons for this issue....i figure out sometimes possible the material names,object names, source name etc. must be all named in english... im from greece so when i have a source file in greek characters gives me this Dae Parsing issue....if i rename everything in english then...problem solved!
  5. hi i have a vote system script (contest board) and i need some help how to split in 3 different rates for 20% 30% 50% money percentage in 3 winners (1st,2nd,3rd place)...i allready have a script but works for only one winner (CalculateWinner(integer prize).... any ideas how to change that? //contestants hnaddling scripts // link messages ----------------- integer DISPLAY_STRING = 204000; integer VOTING_TYPE = 301; integer STATE_CONTEST = 400; integer STATE_WAITING = 401; integer STATE_CLOSED = 402; integer STATE_WAITING_PERMS = 403; integer ADD_CONTESTANT = 501; integer SET_COMMAND_CHANNEL
  6. i had the same problem 2 days ago about to change my mail and i notice my password was more than 16 characters which is this was the problem....your account can accept a password more than 16 characters but if you try to change mail it can't allow you...so i suggest check your password if is less than 16 characters with NO special symbols (ASCII)...you can also change and set new password with 16 characters.
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