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  1. I want to sell my object so buyer cannot change texture, colour, script or sounds and still allow for buyer to change size. Is this possible - I think I have seen it on some products. Thank you.
  2. Hi Nelson Linden I have a request: You report WEB MERCHANDISE SALES VOLUME (Total sales volume on both Xstreet SL and the new SL Marketplace) which is interesting - would it be possible also to get report on INWORLD MERCHANDISE SALES VOLUME (Total sales volume from shops existing inworld in SL)? Thanks
  3. In original post you state this: The Display Names project is about the freedom to express yourselves inworld -- including using the tag above your head. As people live out their Second Lives their needs for the name above their head may change -- perhaps they meet someone and fall in love, or they make a new professional affiliation or decide to roleplay. This is why an important principle behind this change is that Display Names not be unique or limited. This freedom is all very well and I think it is fine to give the option to users who share this wish. I can also see why it is a su
  4. That does not sound good. A couple of suggestions: Suggestion 1. Try to go into edit preferences and change away time (maybe that will somehow reset things) and maybe log out and back in to take effect. Suggestion 2. Try logging in with viewer 2 again and set / unset away - then log out and log on with 1.23 again Suggestion 3. Reinstall 1.23 Dont know if any of this will help. Hope you solve issue.
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