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  1. I'm having similar problems to other contributors. I'm using a late 2012 iMac. 27 with the standard specs. SL worked fine on all versions up to and including Yosemite. The minute I upgraded I ran into this crash problem. I can run SL viewer for maybe 20 mins. FS loads but then crashes immediately. I tried most of the suggestions made here but none of them have worked. Hopefully LL and Apple can get together and fix the problem soon. Meanwhile would reverting to an earlier version of OS be feasible. Or am I just going to have to dig out my old windows laptop? I really look forward to any u
  2. Hi Sandrine Just a comment; you might want to proof read some of the questions - you cant tell what some of them are supposed to be asking as they stand. Typos I presume... good luck with the research Cassandra
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