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  1. It’s also important to note that we are going to remove the “voting” feature in JIRA in one month. Today, we do not use voting to triage or to make product decisions and the last thing that we want to do is set false expectations. So, when you are interested in what action we will take on a particular JIRA, use the JIRA “Watch” feature so that you will be  immediately updated in email when there are new comments on that particular JIRA issue. We will continue to use the number of Watchers as an indication of the level of interest.

    Why would you stop counting votes while the vote button is still there and active?  It's incredibly misleading to say we must "watch" a Jira to indicate interest but our votes are meaningless.  Not to mention some of us don't want our email full of comment spam by "watching".  We'd rather check back to see how the Jira is doing on our own.

    If you want to change the way Jira interest is tabulated that's fine, but don't discredit the votes while voting is still available.  Remove the vote button ASAP so people don't think their votes are meaningful.  As it stands right now, it's like going to your local primary elections and voting, only to find out your vote didn't count just because you didn't stick around to "watch" the outcome results.

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