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  1. How do I view the rules and enter the Photo contest without using facebook?
  2. Anyone else get the feeling LL employees spend too much time on Facebook and not enough in Second Life? Well, except for Torley (of course)
  3. More than likely the skybox is high up in the air... Fly up over your parcel until you find it, the top of the viewer shows the parcel name you are in, (that will make it easier to be sure it's your skybox on your land). If it's higher than 300m you will need some sort of flight assist, Flight Feather is free and works well.
  4. Just noticed that yesterday Been busy getting ready for the event coming up I had forgotten about this question. The more i poke around the more i find, plus browsing the forum at Jive Clearspace helps to know what doesn't exist, so I can stop looking for it.
  5. I started there, but there are so many sub blogs, just a overview map would be nice something along the lines of this: blogs.secondlife.com -> blogs.secondlife.com/community/features blogs.secondlife.com/community/community blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology -> blogs.secondlife.com/community/technology/release blogs.secondlife.com/community/land -> blogs.secondlife.com/community/land/dpw
  6. Anyone have a full navigation map of the Blogs and sub blogs/sections and sub sections etc with links?
  7. Of course you are only looking at the common home user setup... How about Users who work from home? How about Users who play from work? Static IP with registered Domain... hmm... perhaps a huge privacy issue? Name, Address, phone number of the registering person of the domain, all through a simple WHOIS lookup. Of course for an extra fee through the registrar you can hide that, just like your phone listing. But if you run any servers chances are that info can be found anyway. On another note there was a thread in the official forums, about Vivox and the voice system SL uses exposing IP
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