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  1. Agree Pam - these changes suck. Maybe it's me, but I cannot find how to refresh the list once you put in a new start and end date.....completely worthless argh!!!
  2. Unbelievable! I, too saw credits to my account earlier today for the enhancement chgs and now I have been charged again - wtf? Just prior to seeing the charges, I saw the email address from the MKTP purchase notifications is now (or should i say again) generating from the "service" address - wasn't that change rolled back recently because it caused a bunch of issues?
  3. Same here - had all of the enhancements charged to my account at once - would have been nice if they had warned people of their intentions to do this. I dont mind paying what i owe for a service rendered but goddammit at least let me know you are gonna ding me all at once like that SHEESH!
  4. I have the same issue with two of my lisiting enhancements.
  5. I dont have an answer Iva but have experienced the same issue. I received an email from xstreet (note NOT the marketplace) about my magic boxes being offline. I tested and found that items purchased from my marketplace store are not being delivered. I followed the instructions on the email below and no luck - items are still offline and my marketplace store is completely borked! I also noticed that my listing enhancements are borked - only one is showing in my merchant account when there were more, and of course that too is offline and unable to be purchased. Delivery failures are the result if a customer tries to purchase any of my items. What a mess! If anyone has dealt with his and successfully reinstated/connected their magic boxes to the marketplace, please let us know how! Thanks! EMAIL FROM LL: Dear 24Karat Roux, Our records indicate that you have items listed at the Xstreet SL Marketplace, but none of them are available for purchase because your server object(s), listed below, have lost connectivity with the Xstreet SL main server. Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (44, 152) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (43, 150) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (28, 217) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (28, 216) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (43, 152) Name: Xstreet SL Magic Box v3.0.11 Location: Azalea (44, 142) You could be losing sales! Follow the instructions below to reactivate your items on the website: 1) If you deleted your server object(s), they must be replaced and stocked with your inventory before your items can be reactivated. Please follow the instructions at the following URL to make your inventory available: https://www.xstreetsl.com/modules.php?name=Content&pa=showpage&pid=21 2) If your server object(s) are still in-world, take them into your inventory and re-rez them. This will reset the object and cause it to reestablish communications. 3) Make sure your server object(s) are not on no-script land. Regards, Xstreet SL https://www.xstreetsl.com/
  6. Wondering if anyone else has seen data integrity issues continue since the V-Day debaucle was supposedly corrected.......? I was contacted by a customer that stated they purchased two items on the Marketplace on the 14th. When i looked into it (and as of this moment) i noticed i had only one transaction from this customer in my transaction history on my dashboard - and NO record of either transaction in my MKTP transactions/orders. I am filing a ticket but wanted to call this out here as an FYI - me thinks there are still some issues with the sales data integrity on the MKTPL....grumbles
  7. Are they kidding me? My biggest sale day of the year and they have taken the MP down for maintenance? WTF?????
  8. Thanks for asking about this Queenie - In the same vein - i am trying to find a left-handed eating animation - like eating a piece of candy (standing and not using a utensil) anyone know where i can find one? Is there a merchant that has good eating anims overall (seated and standing? i need a few variations for some things i am making and i am having trouble finding anims that are suitable. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
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