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  1. Thanks everyone for your feedback :-) I'll make sure to get a cooling pad then, from a first quick research they seem to be rather affordable and not that heavy! What I particularly like about this specific Vaio is the way the extra "battery" attaches to the notebook's bottom, I haven't seen a similar solution for other notebooks. Also, I was allowed to take it outdoors for a minute and the display was still rather good, especially compared to other notebooks. I know that SL drains power like crazy, which makes most of the notebooks I have looked at rather unusable for my purpose, many don'
  2. So I'm currently trying to improve my quality of living, and with spring/summer approaching I have decided that I'd rather work outdoors than spending most of the time indoors - that's why I'm going to buy my first notebook ever;-) I don't want the notebook to to replace my quite powerful desktop computer but it's rather intended as addition to it so that I can get on my new bicycle and find myself a nice spot outside to get some work done there. My basic requirements are: not too big / not too heavy / capable of running SL roughly 2 hours in a row without totally overheating / acceptable grap
  3. You're welcome, Zhoie! The turmoil has already resulted in a change of Community Standards but the creators of these systems are constantly looking for ways around it, so even though it's been a great step in the right direction it's not really resolved and it will take quite a bit of time for people to regain some trust - very unfortunate situation when considering the other problems like search, maturity filters and such and the very last thing the economy needed.
  4. @Couldbe I'm sure that the Marketplace changes won't be beneficial to sales when in comes to adult items, but I think there's more going on in addition, e.g.. Marketplace relevancy which has also changed not long ago and which doesn't help either. My sales have been surprisingly good until about the third week of February and I've even had my very best sales day ever in February, then all of a sudden sales dropped majorly. Around the same time the alt scanning issue became known among a lot more people who had been previously unaware. 2 of my best customers who had bought from me for years
  5. I don't have a single mature/adult item listed on the Marketplace and my sales are totally down as well, both on the Marketplace and in world - I made about the same 3-4 years ago when my stock was really, really small and I can say that the last 2-3 weeks have been the worst in years for me, by far. Usually enhancements help to some extent with slow sales, but not this time. I don't know if it's really related, but I do indeed see a connection with the recent turmoil regarding the various alt detection systems. While I've never used one of these systems myself I hear people talking about ho
  6. I agree that the current relevancy search is terrible, but relevancy just based on revenue won't really work either - old products would always do better this way and new products would be buried easily due to obvious lack of revenue. I don't know what magic formula was used back on Xstreet, but relevancy was so much more relevant back then. They must have used a mix of number of sales, total revenue, ratings..., and the outcome was rather good in most cases. Plus freebies / cheapies were automatically put in a separate category, now there's freebies everywhere. My own sales are absolutely a
  7. @ Winter The true name should be the one stated in the offlines (as far as I know), so that shouldn't be a problem. Answering through offlines first is also a good idea, even though that would require both of us being in the same time zone most of the time. I will just change my test alts settings to each of the given privacy option and then see what's possible or not. I'm not sure if it changes instantly so I'd better check the results tomorrow.
  8. @ Winter After having sent a 5k refund to the creator of a notecard instead of the person who had actually sent it (and who purchased the same copyable item twice) I always make sure to contact the sender by matching each notecard with my offlines first ;-) I usually have a lot of capped IMs each day, and while not all of them go to my email I still get most. So usually I copy the sender's name from the offline and then paste it in world to bring up their profile so I can send an IM / answer. If I have to spend half an hour to even find a customer first without any other way of quickly cont
  9. @ Shockwave Thank you, bringing up an item's / notecard's properties could work - which still leaves offline IMs that are capped in world, I would not know how to answer these if there's no way to make someone's profile show - unless there's another way to contact someone without actually viewing the profile.
  10. "Friends" means that only your Second Life friends can see the information on the web and inworld." Maybe I don't quite understand this one - does it mean if someone chooses this setting it will be impossible to search for them at all? How would I be able to contact a customer who had sent me a notecard (or whose IMs don't show in the IM panel because the were capped) this way? How would I be able to redeliver items due to a failed delivery?
  11. I haven't opted out either (with my business account) and I usually get these kind of emails just fine. I don't use spam filters for my SL email address at all but still haven't received the email about the maturity changes.
  12. B00tsy.Compton wrote: It is also not clear to me if the word filtering software is just checking the keywords/title/features or also the entire description. Could not find anything about that in the listing guidelines. It seems to be description as well. I had one item that was set to adult by the filter software because I pointed out in my description that the item does not have any xxx animations (after having received a bad review because a customer obviously expected xxx animations even though it had been clear from the original description that it did not, but I had still added it afte
  13. Loving Clarity wrote: The issue is that we, the merchants now have to go in and REMOVE any of those keywords (which LL has not posted yet) that might cause this effect. So for those with 1000 listings and all pertaining to Gor, even if HALF of them aren't mature or adult items that's 500 items to manually change keywords on within ONE WEEK. Sorry but I find that just plain inconsiderate on LL's part. Especially since we all just had to go through listing keywords again during migration back in Oct. Oh, I absolutely agree with you on this one - I have close to 1000 Marketplace listings
  14. I think people will get used to searching for medieval again really quickly. When I started SL a few years ago the kind of items you mentioned in your post (kitchen, couch...) would have been tagged mostly medieval instead of gor /gorean. While not my lifestyle I wouldn't consider it particularly naughty and I wouldn't have put it on the bad word list myself (in addition to never having merged both grids), but since there's a very good and proper "replacement" keyword available I don't really think that there will be lots of lost sales because I'd assume that all merchants will adjust their li
  15. Brooke Linden wrote: For those who didn’t receive the email, please make sure you check your spam folders. I did a quick check and your names were on the list we submitted to send. I haven't received the email either with my business avatar even though I don't have any spam filters enabled for my SL related email address. I don't know if this has been brought up yet, but I was wondering what's going to happen to "related items"? Will related mature / adult items be allowed in general listings? Or will they be blocked from sight? Will a related mature / adult item in a general lis
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