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  1. Here we go again with people thinking this is just about Second Life...did you know that its now 2 in 5 relationships are formed from people meeting online..these are 5 stories of such meetings and Second life is just 1 of them..why is it folks like passing judgement on films/documentaries etc when they have not even seen them..I say kudos to those who have met online and are now happy.
  2. Senkiya Zsun wrote: I will swing hugely toward the first TPV to implement mesh (remaining pretty confident that it will, as usual, be HB that gets there first). I'm really worried that the tardiness of other TPV's to respond will b*g*er the roll out of this monumental improvement in IW content. HB????
  3. buy Lindens on Xstreet using the money u deposited into its account..then click on withdrawl and it will send that money to your SL account. Hope that helps
  4. Sorry to hear about this person and how he has treated you Savaj..I It is against the law and against the LL TOS to distribute any information of RL nature about another individual unless he/she has given consent to do so. (its known as the privacy act unless you are FBI, CIA, or Homeland security etc) Second I would suggest doing as the others have said and contact the authorities with all the information you have..and to also look into why LL has not done anything to help you rectify this situation...being within SL is 1 thing but when RL boundaries have been overstepped, then LL should be held accountable also.
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