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  1. O so True , that days are the moments of stay and even if u feel desperated or hurt not forget the apes silence is a powerfull harmless weapen but stronger then anything that can be made . ///message log was maybe long on her way but ment from the hearth and with passion you welcome michelle
  2. The not wil do that its a strong comunity with leaders that have interest in wat the make and sell the discus copy rights the make war about wat airplains you may fly wile you are enduser ? , that lead to abuse the system wat finely end in corruption . if you fly compagnies that not belong to that group .you get banned with out anny reason . The not daily inworld people not see that! Empires against the tos that have verry dangerous groups. the can make and brake . is that linden labs willing i think not i think linden labs want a good comunity with honest people . Time linden labs comes with a officiall wiping of that groups that harm real people on manny places in my case a aviation world that have so strong infrastructure that even linden labs can not break that airport leaders .we call that as high end users to much leaders that are able to make a total other infrastructure in linden labs tos . the work around the linden labs rules by banned others on induvidual or rasist reasons especialy Hollywhood airport is a good example i was banned 8 months long becourse i landed with my lights on in a texan airplain that was not alowed on that place . the were hold that ban 8 months !! now quin meg that rule that world hollywhood banned me yesterday again with out anny official warning or wat ever . A black day in Aviation a wonderfull world were a lot people work hard and are bussy set up verry nice and realistic airplains and honest builders that are victums too . Michelle.
  3. Merry X mas to all to start with i keep it short  Michelle wrote: Michelle in Aviation . Penalty on SLHA 13 weeks ? And a meg that not reply my requist to let me fly over that aria . Ps. I lost my friends over there i was isolated till now so i can t use the aviation like it have to be . and The best builders put there hands of me becourse the not want be invold in this pending case . Time to release your citizen.
  4. Well I build on my land of sun and shadow houses and beach , i am a lot there but in mean time i grow up in secondlife and now myself better now i want to expand some comunity i not have manny experiance to make one, i have the knoledge to controll something like that as a miss i will do , all will be happy in my group but , i rent my land in first case i spend a lot time to build city,s soon i new better go to a citty thats already there, so the tail hunt is over , Rp was nice and i feel in a wonderfull something , i did not fit in that . banned follows becaurse me to wise or to stupid but we arger about all . the comunitys ccs will not accept open opinions thats a pitty , then from my way of look and believe i try lost angels, well same situation banned becaurse to stupid. or did i moved some thing ?or were rules moving well treath inworld and violence talking ended my interest. i atmid i was not a **bleep** there but i was to much involded./the world there were butifull. wat will not move .thats my question on that sims i like to be in a comunity i like loyal friends so i will always go places i do a lot with harmonie and love. helping me is helping a good sl me no god but me good architect in mind wat people find about things. so i want give it the a direction that maybe turns some degrees , i mean ofcaurse not all and all hard working people. i give always my love take a lot time to without asking back. insiders now. my Project i set up TFC the faith connection will bring comunitys togheter and i try to put it in a verry simple way fore beginners and advance helping program. you and i now we are manny medicall people here me to , i had cancer and i do coma so dont tell me i not no or see others having diffeculties try to stand up. second life is a verry good recover world ,but i miss registration in manny ways so its here and there some jungle, thats a pitty , now i try to make a proposall there a some problems manny have fore linden land you need visa , world wide we now nnot all can.my openion is to make registration is have the right to by linden land a soliution fore that will be nice , and wat i can not do in my own is making a save sim to help handicapt people to give them the posebilitys of recover in save aria . it will be nice we split the second life in parts thats my idea © mrsFaith TFC so we not forgot who thingking it out , in differnt parts the let say blue zone save and helpers , the green zone enc . but we were talking about wat u do whole day , well i find out a way of get my project of the ground here , i need help i now not all, and me no god .i am a sister of god but i cant changed all i stil learn myself But i think we see moore and moore new generation comes differnt ways other kind of look about things , we better learn from them then , hold on a opinion thats need maybe some move in other directions get me well i not want to change sl i only talk wat i see and feel , i have hours a day conversations with manny people so based on that i come to the conclusion we are on good way but some direction change and o my god not commer ciall pleasse we hold a fantisic world under or fingers . So you see me bussy manny thingking love shopping building give lessons to others and help inworld greetings my lovely fabulas idiot like me and imazing Avatars kiss and love u all . mrsFaith. *** not forget be loyall to eithother be in the other mind wat wil you find . ****
  5. Hello Greath idea i start this morning in simple clothes made and colord and i both some clothes on the market and 2 bears Title of my previeuw was Yup there you walk with the bear with lewtex faith i start on 11:00am amsterdam time in tempura i had a orange resque jacket on a bear under my arm and i made note cards lew was dressed in amulance clothing with red cross on , i had a taxi cap on made white with texture red cross we talkt manny people in tempura and start telling and selling bears by guid people to the side i dont now anymoore how much bears i sell but i think between 200 or moore some want to give me all the money but i direct them to the side or i buy the bears fore them i lend money fore people who has short money , it was great day and i hope we have give the linden bears a good start , becaurse logd in people did not now wat happen and securyty was fast but nice to us and the buy bears to from side well i hope we have give this the right push to make it a good start. and we hope and pray fore the people in japan my japanese contacts are some save others i dont now yet. Facebook is working on it to i saw. so we go on telling about the bears i wish that whole sl wear a bear that wil be nice and a extra bonus from linden to double the selling is a wish to. And all your lovely avatars thanks fore all the love and nice conversations and respect you give me and lew and thanks fore buy so much bears and its a fact this bear we need to show or help and respect to japan.
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