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  1. Hunger (the silly vampire game that later added other sorts of creatures) did exactly this. The 'vampires' can stand anywhere and bite with impunity. Sorta like a vampire version of PacMan. It was an annoyance for year or so. After that they began a 'war' among their own players that started interferring with other non-player's enjoyment of SL via stalking on privately held land, interferring with other non related rps, etc. The group I belonged to at the time attempted to be nice and post a landing notice saying you cannot do this here, put it in the land covenent, etc. Didn't work. And it d
  2. Well said, Ravena. All true and heartfelt.
  3. "In response to your feedback from the early beta versions of Viewer 2.5, we've added some privacy settings that will allow you to control just how public your profile is. What? Wasn't this always part of the plan? Are you insane? This is my privacy I pay you for! I keep SL in SL. Period. No other options. Do you know what Facebook has done to peoples' lives? You have a wealth of intelligent, educated, articulate adults in this platform who can help you. But if you out us to our bosses IRL? We are not children. Your market is not 18 - 25 males. And now I will have to enable cookies to see
  4. Laneybug expresses the frustration of a lot of small creators of quality merchandice here. The Former Regime focused on big merchants and giant real estate conglomerates and pretty much told us small potatoes to just give up and stick to our day jobs, leave the content creation and sales to the Big Fish. They also went out of their way to keep the Big Fish informed, catered to their whims, helped them promote their businesses, price fix, etc. It's true. We had a party when M Linden left, even made him a nice grave in our cemetery complete with a personal thunderstorm over it, and set off firew
  5. YAY! Rodvik is reading us! Yay!!!!!
  6. Applause to all the idiots who managed to turn this into, quoting someoen ehre, an adolescent food fight. Great quote. However, what you did manage to reveal is that SL is a culture, not your own personal little world where you get to be One Of The Gods. I am sure Rodvik has been briefed about the Zindra Forced March and it's financial repercussion on the grid for LLR. I am sure he understands that the very loud people who wish to inflict their terribly Wonder Bread view of how all of us should live in SL and RL feel. This was originally an adult platform where no one burst into literal flam
  7. It is refreshing that you post this, Amanda. However, I am not sure how this "new" guideline is different, all these options have always been available to us. And the FB and Twitter thing? The Former Regime tried to force this down our throats, too. No. Just no. I don't, I am not going to, and I in no way want my SL account attached to anything that deals with my RL. What I would like to know is does anyone read these forums at LLR after the obligatory first day or so? It takes a while for the non forum types to find out about what goes on here and respond. This has always been an outworld vo
  8. So does this mean I need to dump my long term avatar and all her considerable non transferable assets including a business, lands and inventory to be assured my anonymity be preserved as was guaranteed when I joined SL? I do not choose to have a Twitter account because I do not choose to hear every random thought of every random airhead wishes to follow me, nor do I wish to have to reject all of the ridiculously long list of those wishing to "follow" me, including several rl stalkers. I am considering leaving FB altogether given the increasing security issues, and my lack of guaranteed anonym
  9. Thank you Mike. Well said. I have no desire to have my SL life interfering with my real one. My boss, My friends and My Mother have no need to know what my avatar does and seeing this may try to find out. This is insanity. Many of us depend on LLR for the security of our personal information and now we cannot depend on that. FB is known for it's horrible security leaks. I am seriously considering leaving it entirely because of the hoops they make me jump through to protect myself from their marketing campaigns. We are not stupid, we know why they/you do this. LLR does not have my permission
  10. Wow, Q, I just went to your public access link and clicked FB Like so I could comment there, and guess what? I can't. My comment was going to be Did you see there are only 6 Likes? One is mine and I wanted to leave my dislike comments. Get a clue here, those who want FB already have an avatar account there, and don't need you forcing us to jump through hoops to keep our RL bosses from finding out we like BDSM or are a gamer at all. Are you people insane?
  11. Here is a prime example of why I will not use your V2s. I came here for anonimity. It was promised. I do not want FB linked to me in any way because of my RL business, friends and family. Bishop Placebo has a very nice HUD that allows out posting to these accounts IF YOU WISH without having and using your avatar's FB and Twitter, MySpace whatever without having to go correct all the security leaks to your personal information. That said, the V2 I version I have is difficult to use. Fix that. The noobs are struggling and there is almost no one that can help them learn how to do what they want
  12. Welcome, Rodvik! I am also thrilled to see a Linden get out and learn. The big challenge for you is Customer Retention. There has been a huge amount of time and money wasted on expanding into different markets with complete disregard for the customer base already in existance. Land pricing is ridiculous, abandoned land is everywhere, and people having to close because they cannot afford to compete with the glut in the land market created by LLR. The Linden geeks know less about the experience than the residents, a lot of whom are very experienced geeks LLR could not afford to hire. Suggestio
  13. My avatar closely resembles me - 15 years ago. Only the haircolor changes more frequently. And yes, there are companies that will take your rl photo and make it an avatar, but I wouldn't. Cyn
  14. At 15 replies they probably do have SOMEONE reading it. And well said Bigger, I agree on all points. Can the Linden snowball fight land be set to damage please?
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