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  1. You can leave a Review for the item, share your rating of the product.

    If the ad is misleading or the product is not as described, you can flag the item.

    If you feel that you've been mistreated in Second Life, you have the option of filing an Abuse Report if you wish to document your experience with LL.

    The policy in practice is no refunds. Seeking a legal remedy outside of SL is not practicable for such a small amount.

    It is my personal hope that Market Place will adopt some of eBay's buyer protections in the future.



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  2. There was sense that we were building something special. Most of those people no longer work here.

    Needing money to grow and expand, profit was the only logical solution.

    A host at Red Ice Radio says "Be the change you want to see".


    If you really think about it, every person is already doing what they want to do. They are free in their mind. 

  3. Thousands of hours in world of war craft building their characters. Going to lunch, getting the best free healthcare, pensions, retirements, social security, 401k's and they are in a private Union. Talk about win win... "We hope terrorism last for ever". We are making Careers out of a Job. The Terrorism Industry.  The agent wants to buy a boat and a motorhome with his proceeds. The biggest concern is "we are going drinking tonight". Politics is a Party!


    At 5pm, it's quitting time.

  4. From what I have read in the knowledge base, LL selects which destinations will be included. Submitting information does not guarantee that the location will be listed.

    As I mentioned in past comments, the wording of the LL policy appears to indicate that any resident may suggest a location and or that any resident may report a problem with a listing. The most I can do to help, is to send 1 email to the editor on your behalf, exercising the option suggested by LL in the knowledge base. Others may do what others may do.

  5. I've been following this issue and I can only presume that LL is non-responsive because the ad may not qualify for inclusion because there is text on the screenshot. It may be necessary to submit updated information with a new photo to the editor. There is information about the destination guide in the knowledge base.


  6. Did you move or change internet services providers?

    Are you using a wireless connection that uses land towers? Remote rural areas without land lines.

    Are you entering your name and password manually or are you using saved settings?

    I'm not familiar with this issue but other residents here may have a solution. Edit: someone like Rolig :smileyhappy:

    If you did change ISP's you may have to clear the cache on your pc and un-install SL and then re-install SL. If you forget your password, you can reset it.

    Use Options to edit or add information to your question.


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  7. The possibilities are limitless within the mind of one. One is easily satisfied. Art is best when it is shared.

    Your definition is bordering upon the intangible. An avatar is a measurable form in which we can mold solid opinions upon.

    If the OP is writing about art for an elementary class, my apologies to the class. Pasta art and paper chains have always been my favorites. Gold Stars for all.

    Art class is where people go to try to learn how to make art. If it was just natural, there would be no need for classes.

    A few people are naturally talented, they attend classes to refine a skill into an art.

  8. I just changed my socks, I'm a sock artist! There is nothing basic about the creation of art. 

    A professor or teacher may examine the OP's conclusions, casual observations are commonly recognized. A discerning eye may provided for a closer less observed perspective.

    A critical overview is essential in ensuring that the same measures are applied to what is currently established as art work to that which has been applied to past works. It's called work because it's not easy, it's not common.


  9. If you are talking about the build menu, you should be able to deselect any object you are working on and toggle the build menu using the top tool bar or key command.

    You can press Ctrl+4 or Ctrl+B or select Build from the top menu on your Viewer.

    If it is those icons things, I forget what they are called, you can deselect and reselect an icon in settings.

  10. No, my avatar is not art. The individual components of the avatar I use could be considered as works of art.

    There are many avatars in SL and all avatars are not art.

    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder when discussing things which are not art.

    A winner of a contest like a beauty pageant is a nominee. That resident could be considered as an example of art.

    I think art needs to be dead in order to be art. It will never be entirely duplicated in it's originality ever again. Maybe you should write about that.

    What is art? I understand all the glitz glamour and fanfare but there is something more to it than just those three things.

    Considering that you are in a school, it is possible that simply taking a position in the mainstream school of art thought, will carry you along regardless of content or merit. Schooling is primarily attendance based, scholastic achievement is a secondary function.

    I do believe that SL has some residents with avatars that may qualify as art. The number is very small, possibly 1 in 1,000.

    How many skins/shapes on MP? You could look at top sellers, although a genuinely artistic resident will be entirely unique, you cannot buy them.



  11. I'm sorry that you are not happy. I have experienced similar frustrations with aspects of Second Life.

    There is no evil plan. SL is a business and griefers are bad for business. 

    Thousands of abuse reports are filed every day, it takes time to review those reports. 

    You do not need to prove your point, because most of the Residents here are already aware of the issues you are experiencing. Grief is bad and undesirable, I agree.

    1. Linden Lab employees are human beings who applied for a Job at LL. Nothing more.

    4. I thought that we were going to Mars. I did not see Entropia on my star charts.

    13. The craft can only transport a limited number of passengers. We have the numbers we need.

    14. Snow-Den. An American slang word, two parts. First part is "snowed". it means to utterly defeat an opponent in a manner in which your opponent is blinded and frozen by a stunning single attack. The second part has a dual purpose meaning, a sleeping Bear lives in a cave or a Den, followed by the phonetic purpose which makes make the whole word -snowden- sound like "snowed-em", which sounds like snowed them. 


    There should be an American slang language class. It would be as American as apple pie. A place where everybody knows your name, for people who have the eye of the tiger. All they would have to do, is to follow the yellow brick road and they wouldn't be in Kansas anymore.


      en·tro·py (N)
     [ éntrəpee ]

    1. measure of disorder: a measure of the disorder that exists in a system

    2. measure of unavailable energy: a measure of the energy in a system or process that is unavailable to do work.

    3. measure of efficiency: a measure of the random errors noise occurring in the transmission of signals, and from this a measure of the efficiency of transmission systems


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