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  1. This contest is about capturing the spirit of Onigashima Sim for Sim promotional advertising! -= How to Enter the Contest =- 1. Visit Onigashima between March 5~13, 2013 to collect Contest details! Here’s the SLUrl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Onigashima/86/176/39 * Winners will be announced on April 5, 2013 at a party on the Onigashima Sim. The Prizes: ~ 1st Place - L$1000 gift card each from Kirei/Fuubutsu-Dou, Impish & kisetsu ~ 2nd Place - L$500 gift card each from Kirei/Fuubutsu-Dou, Impish & kisetsu ~ 3rd Place - L$250 gift card each from Kirei/Fuubutsu-Dou, Impish & kisetsu In addition to the prizes, winners will be featured on the Onigashima Blog. By submitting photos to the contest, you give us permission to use them in SL for things like posters and landmark images.
  2. Hello AmyRose! Please consider to stop by shop for skins, traditional clothing, hair ,etc... You can find all my shops locations listed in ym "picks" or on marketplace listed under "Fuubutsu Dou" Or contact me in world for help! ^^
  3. No, but it may be because I send out notice of new item on Fridays. So maybe the early week sales is a bumped a bit from repeat customers on the group coming in for fresh items^^ .
  4. 1. No change in friends. 2. Bounce around on viewers. viewer 2 is fine.. currently using firestorm -curiousity of all the fuss. None noticable differences - SL always was tip top for me. 3. About 1 year old. ^^
  5. Gleening blogs/flickr feeds from friends... so happy they usually included location, if from hunt or freebie,group item. ^^
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