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  1. You don't need to sell or abandon land. Your mainland should be group owned anyway since it's a 10% discount on tier. Put both your characters as owners.
  2. TYSM, I'll check it out. As an aside, why doesnt' Area Search work better? It's not possible to find all objects within a specified range without using drones? There's nothing in SL that does what Conover's program did, so far as I can tell. The usefulness of an Excel sheet that lists every object in a sim giving locations, owner, group assignment is just fantastic when moving parcles, repairing areas, finding objects, or seeing what other people have littered on the land.
  3. Thank you, this makes total sense.
  4. Thomas did a fine job.. His sim scanner didn't miss anything at all. I used it extensively. I've moved entire sims going down the excel sheet and moving each object either by "restore to last poition" or drag and drop then edit for the no copy ones.
  5. Yes it's the desktop app that fails.
  6. I have a question for you knowledgeable folks. I'm a research scientist / simulation programmer so I know quite a bit about programming but I stay mostly blissfully unaware of how LSL works since I'm here to enjoy SL.. which is why I'm here to ask you experts. I use a powerful tool in SL written by Thomas Conover, it's a full sim object scanner, uses drones in SL to generate a list of objects, locations, owners, etc similar in a way to Area Search except that it finds every object in the sim. It's this: http://www.thomas-conover.com/gadgets/aos-extreme/ It no longer works as of about Sept or so. I suspect it's related to this issue because it links a PC program to the SL scripted HUD to create an Excel file with the object lists. It now fails in the linking with the error message: "Could not find DNS entry for in world object." I'm guessing that the move to the cloud disabled it from reading all this stuff. Obviously it's not your job to help me but I'm asking your learned opinions on whether this being a casualty of the move sounds likely. Talking to the maker, Thomas, is off the table as it appears he's left SL and possibly RL too. I can't find any similar device in SL either, and, like his security orbs, many people used this device. Your thoughts? TY in advance
  7. Now you can change your name completely, that's the closest thing to starting over short of making a new character. Your UUID remains the same though.
  8. I attempted to rez an Intan couples dance ball (fully stocked, very expensive to replace) and got a message that the object failed to rez. Normally when that happens, the object is still in my inventory. But this time it's not, and for sure it's not on the property either as I know the prim count exactly and I even asked my landlord to look for it. I know the exact name of the object and it's not in my inventory either. I cleared cache and relogged, no help there. I logged on to the beta grid and did the same, also no luck. How can I get my (expensive) object back? Thanks! Knobs Slade
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