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  1. I m trying to do some market purchases and when I click on an item to go to to add it to my cart I get sent to a website selling some RL stuff?This started 8-8-2016 and I have not installed anything new in months.What is causing this and how do I make it stop?
  2. Can I change the (empty)? If so how? I asked about the (empty) part I know where stuff goes.Please READ the question before answering or are you just answering to get higher rating?
  3. I am having trouble using the merchant in box.I tried to register as merchant again I can't. I have relogged cleared cache logged into protected land and flown to 4000m and tried nothing works Help me please. huh what fix what ???????????????? i've done all that log in and out clear cache I saw no fix there??????????????????????
  4. No the creepy part is a nano bot that can log local chat THAT is a ToS violation
  5. How about this "spy" HUD it claims it can send nano prims across regions to an avi to log local chat see what avatars and objects are around you,EVEN on no permission parcels (I'[m assuming it means parcels you can't see others on). The accepted use may be role play, but really if I set my parcel so no one on a nearby parcel can see or hear me and they use this?!?!?!?!? Oh BTW if you are role playing why do you need tools like this if they do not exsist in the real world your role playing.(Like modern warfare) https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SpyMaster-Advanced-Multi-Featured-Scanning
  6. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ultimate-Spy-HUD-Spy-on-your-targets-GRID-WIDE/3345891 and this one even worse https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/SpyMaster-Advanced-Multi-Featured-Scanning-Tracking-System/2701034 Yet another one https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Secret-Spy-HUD-Deluxe-v11-Gridwide-anonymous/624932 Does anyone besides me see this as a problem?
  7. This item was shown to me on market and is avaiable in world too I believe. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Ultimate-Spy-HUD-Spy-on-your-targets-GRID-WIDE/3345891 So If LL says we can't see what viewer is being used(which would help me help newbies) how can this not be a violation of ToS??????
  8. Hello My Name is deluxegal923 Northman ,I am very interested in applying for the position of nanny for your 3 children. While I have spent little time interacting with children in second life I have extensive experience in dealing with them in my FL/RL having raised 3 of my own and many who for 1 reason or another have ended up in my care. I am available almost every day between 5am SLT-11pm SLT and believe that would cover most of your needs. I am friendly outgoing hardworking and reliable.I will be happy to furnish you with references from past employers and fellow residents who have known
  9. nice very nice......I LIKE IT! ! !
  10. OK What really annoys me with sl relationships is the profiles that talk about the feelings behind the avi when the only feelings they care about is their own I dont want RL and I make that clear but I do make friends and after months of spending hours with my friend "partner" his rl wifey who cares soooo much about the feelings behind the avi makes him dump me? OK right then my friend is dead I guess....... thanks for caring about MY feelings there. FOCROFLMAO
  11. But MONALISA hunny you couldn't get that you would have to add "qualifiers-numbers etc". to it
  12. More time passes and names continue to grow stranger and stranger some nites I truly pity the poor DJs I work with on SL a tip from E<3WICK3D(something) with a display name of ANSI characters makes thanking them on the stream a near impossablity I tend to give nicknames to regulars but My own display name is so prevalent now as to be confusing ("Sweet something" being a popular choice) and even though I have been "sweetlildel" in my display name for most of my SL I am thinking of giving it up and just being del.My name "deluxegal923 Northman" is my identity "Deluxegal" having been my inter
  13. I never knew you for that I am sorry....Take care..Good Luck...... and go kick ass!!!!!I
  14. Thanks to everyone for your help. I had to delete my cache item by item to sign back on. But it worked!!!! Thank you all!!!!!!!
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