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  1. You should come rp with us at http://got-yourquest.com/. I think you'd find us to be very active and welcoming. And can can I have the surl for your sim? It sounds amazing!
  2. I'm trying to clean up my groups and consolidate things, and I noticed a few of mine are now inactive. So here I am, searching for improved replacements! I would like to find groups that announce music performances for a variety of locations/sims, so I can always find an event to go to. A general event/live performance group would be awesome too. That would include not only music, but theater, sports, races, etc. As far as music is concerned, I like more unique types of music such as jazz, blues, trance, electronica, rather than usual top 40s or club music. Think Soma FM or Digitally Imported
  3. Yes, I checked the ground and used camera controls and zooming it to try and find it. Yes, I checked my lost and found, inventory, and trash. I even played with some rendering, though I'm not sure which one to use. Help?
  4. I'd like it removed so I don't get spam and so I get those prim slots back. I'd rather not move from that home if possible. EDIT: Alas, I was the one who stupidly rezzed it despite not knowing who gave it to me. This has been my first time being griefed.
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