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  1. Hello Everyone! I currently am putting up my parcel for sale that I've had for about a year, I didn't want to sell it but I'm run into a difficult time where I must sell it. This is a 1024 sqm parcel in the Horizon's Aurora Region I bought it for 50,000l but I'm selling it for 45,000l it has 2x the prims so it's 702 prims instead of I think 300 prims. This parcel is right next to a waterway and for the most part no terrible eye sores as of recently. This is mainland but it's more of a residential area so you won't see to many eye sores or issues on this sim. At least I haven't in the ful
  2. So i'm lazy and don't want to put the same amount of time and energy into this post like my other land I just recently put up for sale below is a list of everything this land is and isn't I'm trying to sell it by the 8th please help me out with this! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tibberoowuccum/194/109/23 Land Details: - 2,832 sqm - 972 prims - Water land and a little bit oddly shaped so that you can drive a boat out to the Gulf of Moles - Straight Access to protected waters and then out to the Gulf of Moles - Selling for 4,500l willing to negotiate p
  3. You won't believe the sale on this water land until you see it! Click Here to Visit: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Barrington/241/71/21 Hello all of you who are currently looking for some Mainland to call home, I might have exactly what you're looking for. I'm not going to sugar coat anything I'm just going to dive right in and explain the details of this water land parcel. If you couldn't guess by the many times I've said water land it is a water land parcel meaning you have to be a little crafty to make it work. If you're like me and somewhat lazy you can make a prim
  4. I somehow was able to acquire one of these new Linden homes. I've noticed that EST I see around 3-4 Linden homes available twice per week around 2:30-3pm. This is just what I've noticed when trying to obtain one, however, you can't be super picky about which one you want especially since there are many others waiting for one of these new Linden homes. I had three options available around 2:30 pm I kept trying for the traditional and tried 3 times before I was locked out. I used incognito signed back in and there was a house boat which gave me the same notice and almost locked me out again. Tha
  5. Of Course! I'll go ahead and send in some samples for you. I'm currently out for the day but I'll get them to you by the end of the day. ^^
  6. Hello Everyone in this great big world of Second Life I'm Ellie and I'm currently looking for individuals who want or need to hire a stager or commonly known as an interior designer. I have always loved interior design I went to school for It in real life and have experience both in real life and Second Life. Making spaces is just as important to me as it is leaving a customer with the biggest smile on their faces in the end. My goal is to get to know your personality and create a space that YOU would be proud of and happy to share with family and friends. If this is something that interests y
  7. Hello McKenna, I'm definitely interested in either of the positions you have above I have experience as a receptionist and interior designer in both Second Life and Real Life. I feel this job would be great in continuing my skills in both job aspects. Let me know if you're still looking you can send me a notecard or IM in word at the name ichgo avora (Ellie) and I'll get back to you right when I get online. I tend to be online in the night time hours I am EST. Best Wishes, Ellie
  8. Hello Toponi, If you're still looking for someone to help you stage a build I have experience with interior design in Second Life and Real Life and would be willing to assist with it. Just let me know what you're willing to pay for this service we can talk more about it in world if you would like. Just send me a notecard to ichgo avora (Ellie) and I'll read and respond if this is still available. Best wishes, Ellie
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