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  1. Hello! I'm selling a 16,384 sqm parcel for 17,000 lindens willing to negotiate down a little if needed. I need to sell it before the 6th of November. It's in a nice area with respectful neighbors and there aren't any terrible builds anywhere. All items already on the land come with it if you want to keep any of it. it does have a small slope but those who are good at terraforming or if you want to take the easy way out and use prims to make the ground level all even. Below is the link to the land let me know if you're interested. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ottewell/189/170/55
  2. Trying to sell this land A.S.A.P before time to pay again. I'm at the point where if you can make an offer anything at or more than 11,000 Lindens it's yours. It can even be 11,001 but it needs to get sold.
  3. Hello there! I am selling my 8,192 sqm parcel it has been home for me for many months and I'm going to miss it but I can no longer afford it. I'm selling it for 35,000 Lindens. I'm willing to negotiate a little on price if needed. It has a small slope but I fixed that with prims when I was living on it. It's not a gigantic one but it is slight as it looks out over a few people living on 512sqm parcels but for the most part, you just see the beautiful water from where I am. It's a nice area there are people living around the parcel keep that in mind. For the most part, as long as I have been there no one has built anything atrocious or visually disturbing. There have been nice houses and people moving in and never had an issue. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me here or in world. Below I'm posting the SLURL so you can check it out and see the land for yourself. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cheswick/85/109/33 Thank you for your interest!
  4. $1,400 USD or Lindens? because for some reason my mind is thinking 1,000 Lindens with a 400 USD transfer fee is this what you mean? Or is it all USD is what your looking for?
  5. Hello there, I’m interested in buying a grandfathered homestead and I’m well aware they’re a little pricier because you get grandfathered status. Depending on price I’m willing to pay for one, if you know of someone or have one that your trying to sell please respond to this post or contact me in world by notecard. Also, let me know the minimum price you want for it! My IMs get capped so notecard would be best to get to me in world about this. Hope to get some responses and thank you so much for your consideration. ~ Ellie ~
  6. Hello there! so due to real life issues, I can't keep up my land as much as I want to keep it. This is a 16848 sqm parcel with 5784 prims to use, I need to sell it before the renewal of my premium because I am getting rid of that. I'm asking for 12,000l to buy the land I need it sold by the 7th of November. If you are interested send me a notecard in world to ichgo.avora or reply to this post in the comments below. I am willing to negotiate price on this as well so please don't be afraid to reach out I just want to get it sold. Any questions please feel free to ask. Below is the link to visit the parcel. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Alturing/89/164/74
  7. This is a Buy to Own Land 4,608 sqm with 1,575 prims I'm selling my 4,608 sqm parcel after having it for many months, it has been a huge part of my SL life and I hope you can make it a big part of yours as well. It is filled with many memories and I just know whoever buys this parcel will make many more memories upon this land. This is going to cost 7,500l you will get 1,575 prims. This is a 4,096sqm parcel + your 512 sqm that you get from Linden Labs to use. Then this way you won't have two separate lands in different places. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Harisine/93/34/50 Above is the link to teleport to the land and check it out if you have any questions please feel free to IM me Ichgo.Avora, serious inquiries only, please. need this parcel sold by 11am PDT I can even try and negotiate on price if needed! Thank you for reading! and I hope you consider my land as your new land to call home.
  8. okay I'm lowering the price to 10,000l if you are interested please let me know
  9. Is this a grandfathered region or non grandfathered? if so I'll make an offer.
  10. Hello, as much as it has been a huge part of my second life I'm posting my 4,608 sqm parcel with 1,525 prims on the market. It is all flat land except for a small bump in the corner of the land. If you would like to purchase this land my asking price is 15,000 lindens. I'm trying to move to a bigger mainland parcel if you are interested please message me in world ichgo.avora I can also negotiate on price as well but I'm not going to be highly flexible with it. There are two malls on both sides of the land but it has never been a terrible thing never had any issues and people rarely visit them so I don't think they will last very long. There is also abandoned land on both sides of my parcel if you wish to expand later on in the future. The area I'm in is extremely peaceful as well and no one has ever really been directly around me for more than 10 seconds unless I invited them onto the parcel. Thank you for reading.
  11. @Darrius Gothly No problem! I feel memories and emotions are both a main reason why most people who do try to separate the two can't really succeed in the end. This is just what I've realized through my time watching it fail over and over again with people I've cared about in world. Both are considered REAL and this is where there really can't be a distinction between separating the two because you will have both in both worlds no matter what.
  12. Oh mai gosh! I think I died inside a little when I read everything related to this post in this sub forum I'm hysterically laughing at the moment. However, a lot of the time just to keep in mind there are sugar mommies and Daddies on Second Life but everything comes with a cost keep that in mind. Also, this is not a way to find one with that being said a lot of the time Sugar Mommy's and Daddy's invest in the futures of their Sugar Babies they normally don't come out and ask you to be their Sugar Baby. They are humans with emotions too. If they see something in you and want to invest their time and money in your future they will discuss further with you but they will meet you just like any other human being. You will never know who is or isn't one that's why you always have to be respectful and be yourself because who knows maybe one day you will bump into one and they may like you and want to invest their time and money into your future this goes for Second Life and Real Life sugar mommies and sugar daddies.
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