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  1. I bought MD3, made a dress, and have looked all over to find ways to import it. I also have Blender and Maya installed. For those who haven't heard of Marvelous Designer: ♥ I can export in .obj but SL imports in .dae so how to I convert it? I tried importing it into blender 2.71 and have tried to look up tutorials but I can't find any easy-to-follow/new-user friendly steps! Any guidance would be super helpful THANK YOU! XO -Kat
  2. Same! I would love to do this I'm a babysitter in RL and we like to play dress up heehee.
  3. Family/community or even fantasy. What are the most active and well known RP sims?
  4. Quokka (224,216) Moderate 4096m 937 Prims! 5000$L For sale. Just go to World>Buy :)
  5. I've been to a lot of places like K.R. Engineering games and have seen backgammon, checkers, chess, monopoly (SLopoly), and even snakes & ladders! :) Is there a "Game of Life" game? I think that would be fun. I'd buy it haha. Thanks!!
  6. Help! Everyone loads, I load, but my friend won't!! He's a cloud. So I go to Debug Settings and RenderUnloadedAvatar TRUE. Just his shoes load. I grab baked textures. Help? I tell him test male render. Help?
  7. I haven't played in um....3 years? I remember most of how to build....but i'm in a sandbox re-getting the hand of things since i'm a bit rusty....and I want my friend to help me build stuff with me. Can he mod my stuff? Texturize and what not? How do I give him permission? Thank you!!
  8. I contacted support on the phone, and they said they needed my name and security question answer. I told them, but they said it wasn't right? I'm sure it was right, though....anyways how can I find the name...? I said my real name...but they said it wasn't correct? It's not under Account Summary...
  9. Hi! For some reason, I can't use the "touch" function aymore? On anything, and not just one sim. Like I wanted to get a free gift card or enter in a raffle contest....I right click...nothing! i left click>touch...nothing! I mouse-over and it gives details...but the touch function doesn't seem to work. I was thinking of contacting one of the owners...but then i realized it wasn't working on all touchable objects! This might also be why I can't "drive" cars....i just sit in them. Something is off...help? It's not the land and i've tried to relog.... Thanks! :)
  10. Looking for a good place with trails & possibly free/cheap horses? Not like a cluttered stable, but nice trail. Which do you think is the best? Post e'm! Thanks :)
  11. Oooh yes! Pando is just lovely! Thank you. And I'm looking for the Uptown Cinema. Thanks!!
  12. Hi! I was wondering if anyone knows a place with free cars? I have some, but for some reason, I go to a sandbox and try to drive them, it doesn't work! Maybe it's my computer, but I doubt it? I mean how hard is it to click "drive" and move the arrows? Anyways! So does anyone know where I may get a free driveable car? If not free, cheap? Under 200L? Thanks! :D
  13. Sorry for the re-post, but the other thread/question messed up and I also wasn't able to reply/answer to it [Lotta problems today D: ] Anyways, in the prefrences tab I am not able to modify the ratings at all. It's just G and I cannot change it. I'm age verified, trying to get to the Grand Canyon (mature) and I can not access it! I think a lot residents that were previously teen-grid are having problems with this? Is it a merge problem? Should I sumbit a ticket? What can I do? :o Thanks!
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