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  1. Okay so I think what was happening was after baking it was applying a texture node that SL didn't like. After reapplying default lambert textures to all the objects and then linking the original textures to the new lamberts, the UVs import nicely...yay.
  2. wow, I just saw they finally released opencollada for maya 2013.. I'll give that a shot and report back EDIT: well I can't get it to work.. it just crashes every time I try to export with it so my problem remains..
  3. I've had this happen to me several times now where the UV map simply breaks on upload. I've tried the default DAE exporter and tried FBX then converting and both produce the broken UVs. This seems to happen after baking textures. If I export as an OBJ and then reimport, then export to DAE or FBX, it works. However, now that I am working with a big scene that involves multiple meshes, I can't really use the OBJ fix I've been using in the past. Any ideas?
  4. Haven't been able to upload mesh or images to Aditi for 2 days now. Seems others can't either. Can we expect this to work again soon?
  5. This is a known bug with rigged mesh. You can't have alpha layers on top of eachother as they act like invisiprims for many people. The skirt ruffles don't seem to need to be alphas, so make those 24-bit and it should fix.
  6. You could try restoring Maya to default settings: 1. Window>Settings/preferences>Preferences 2. Edit>Restore Default Settings Then you'll probably need to change the world axis to Z in Preferences>Settings That fixed all the problems with the Standard Sizes 2012 file for me.
  7. You hardly waited an hour for a response. These boards don't move that fast. Why not just apply textures after uploading? I think most do this.
  8. ghestheria Bromide wrote: I am trying to upload a male base mesh from blender 2.63 into second life, but I can not figure out how to make my whole avatar into a Scene file Select all > Save as Collada DAE ? ghestheria Bromide wrote: if this creation works, I will make a female version to upload and give all of my rights to Linden Labs mm.. wat?
  9. Chosen Few wrote: Use two materials, rather than just one, and create two versions of your hair texure, one with alpha, and one without. Apply the 24-bit version to most of the length of the hair, where you don't need transparency, and put the 32-but version only on the ends, where you do. I'm doing this already! The lower section with the alpha gets a little SL shadow on it showing the seam, but it's worth the payoff of having more alphas. Also, it can be a bit tricky to rig. I made the cut at the neck and it took quite a long time to get it to look okay when the head turns.
  10. Yep, I just chose to limit alpha use as much as possible as have other hair creators from the looks of it.
  11. JackRipper666 wrote: is there away I can tell SL what layers of hair I want on top and ones I want shown underneath? Short answer: Nope. You can try adding the textures in order, from furthest away to closest, but I haven't been able to get this to work. Long answer: http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Possible-work-around-for-alpha-sorting-problem/td-p/1227445 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Alpha-sorting-glitch-within-a-mesh/td-p/1109161/page/2 http://community.secondlife.com/t5/Mesh/Alpha-sorting/m-p/418761#M1741
  12. The alpha glitch happens in the newest default viewer and newest Firestorm. All my friends I contacted were aware of it. One person said that it only affected water and "png textures" but oh well. I've cut these down and pulled them closer to the hair so people experiencing this glitch won't notice it nearly as much as in my last picture. And I do appreciate all your points on poly modeling Chosen, though like I said, it's not completely alien to me, I just prefer it for hair. I do think working with polygons is superior for pretty much everything besides hair and maybe snakes Lattices and deforms just don't give me the same results and ease as pulling around NURBS curves. With isoparms I can evenly distribute the density of polys as I see fit without having to pull them manually. Then, after converting, I can work with polys to remove faces and fine tune it. The advantage I can see polys having is creating a hair like the one Raster posted, out of planes. I'm aware this is usually how hairs are made in games, but I don't think they work so well for SL because of the alpha issues. Whether SL is better than other engines at sorting or not, it's proved painful in my experience and I'm sure that Raster's hair would be switching between visible layers all over itself in SL.
  13. So, apparently alpha textures become ugly invisiprims when they're used on rigged mesh? Is that why I haven't seen any messy hairs done in mesh yet? Ugh Well it looks like this lovely glitch is here to stay for the foreseable future. So my next task is cutting these prims and pulling them closer to the non transparent hair pieces to hide it as much as possible.
  14. Yes, different avatars are on different asset servers. Also, the good ol' reset network cache can help too.
  15. That hair looks great! I didn't doubt at all that it could be started from polys, but I personally work much faster with NURBS and I know the converter can produce very similar results, minus having to delete some faces after the conversion, which I'm guessing you must of had to do as well anyway? Also correct me if I'm wrong, but I think this hair wasn't made for SL. Another reason I forgot to mention that my hair might be a little higher on the polys is because of SL's alpha rendering bugs out when we layer alpha textures. In order to get a nice messy hair look I'm having to layer pieces on top of eachother. I have worked around this in some areas. I agree that 20-30k is too high and so is my 15k. My main issue at the moment is hidden faces. It's quite tedious to go in and delete all faces that are overlapping and Maya's "Clean up" tool only works for lamina faces, which are directly crashing. If I could find a script that deleted all overlapping faces I think my current hair would be a lot closer to 8k! I've used the avatar head to delete parts I had extended into the scalp. If anyone has any suggestions for these overlapping faces that would be much appreciated
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