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  1. Ticious Trottier wrote: Rather than searching for groups, perhaps you should search for the events or the sims where the members of those groups hang out. Whether this makes sense, of course, depends on what your interests are, the sort of folks you're looking to meet up with and the sort of things you're looking to do. In any case, the destination guide and the events list seem like they'd be a better starting place than groups. Finding different places to go and meeting people there seem to be the best solutions to look for a group. It's better now in 2011 with clubs being easier to find, and people being more open in general. Unfortunately in 2008 I ran into the catch 22 where several places and events I found were restricted to group members only; that was the last nail in the coffin for me.
  2. When I first came on SL in 2008 I tried looking for interesting groups, but the only ones I could find were "invite only." So I wonder, how do people go about joining groups? "Invite only" or "closed membership" is my biggest barrier. Since I came back to SL in 2011, there are a few open groups I joined recently but they're not too active. Also, as for the saying "if you can't find a group, then make one", who would join a group I created, especially if I have no land associated with the group? I would need connections or land first. So there seems to be a vicious circle here...
  3. Hanging around in dance clubs and talking to people there is my best bet. I recently joined a neko group to expand my horizons. I hope it works out in the end. Not so sure about anything else though. In my past experiences on SL you had to pretty much be invited by others to hang out anywhere else. That's kind of hard if you don't know anybody already. Anyway... nice to meet you Suspiria =^-^= For some reason I have much more trouble finding friends in SL than in real life.
  4. Funny. I just met somebody who shared a lot in common with me not too long ago but defriended me by surprise. And the last time I asked a question I got a patronizing answer, so I just try to look things up by myself now. However, it is possible to hang around in dance clubs and find people to talk to there. That's how I meet people at least; they usually gather in places like these. But I wouldn't see anything through rose-colored glasses.
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