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  1. Also you can try going to the parcel and click on the land and choose about land. You may be able to give the tennent permissions in there.
  2. In order for your tennents to rez and build on the parcel the land needs to be in a group and the tennent needs to be in that group with the rez and build permmissions set on for that parcel.
  3. According to the current grid status report the inventory system is under repairs and some ppl like myself are not even able to log in. Thats why i'm here lol.
  4. I'm having the same problem. Can't log in. Error message says loggin failed. Inventory system temporarely unavailable. So you are not alone .
  5. I'm a new merchant and was just wondering if there is a maximum limit on items in a magic box. I noticed that as it fills up it takes longer to load the items.
  6. I noticed latetly many have added nick names and such to their names above their heads and I was wondering how to do that.
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