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  1. Thanks for ur replies All i know is if i rent a bit of land via a tier box my name appears as owner in about land but it dont work if somebody pays my box
  2. I have set up a hipporent system to control land rental on 12 parcels its all seems to do what its meant to do except when the tier is paid the land is not transfered to the renter ............ can anybody point me the right direction. PS I know some is going to say contact hippo but their query method looks to compliacted thanks for any replies
  3. Thabks a lot all sorted It was done via World>> Place Profile>> Region/Estate and just added to estate manager lis so damm simple lol
  4. MY FIST POSTING AS WELL I have full owner ights on sim one (New sim added) How do i get the same owner rights on sim two the owner has deeded both sims with the same group name
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