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  1. Gorgeous shot of The Wild Coast's (usually noisy) birds, great work Rosie )
  2. Hi Cecilia - The *Awaiting* nests happen when a male roo makes the nest too soon and the female fails to attach to it. This is in effect a 'dead' nest. You will find that the male will make another nest within an hour or so (usually) which the female attaches to and which therefore becomes an active and clickable nest. The *Awaiting* nest can then be deleted.
  3. Absolutely, Sigmund - the option of charging a fee for those residents who wished to change their names was suggested on the jira weeks ago, and of course as nobody at Linden Lab pays any attention to the hundreds of comments made there against Display Names, it probably passed them by. No surprise Philip Rosedale bailed around the time this new viewer with its lovely new toy for griefers and scammers went live. As expected, Linden Lab set themselves an extremely low standard and then failed to live up to it. If I still had an iota of confidence in the company I'd say I was disappointed, but I guess its gone beyond that now .... total SNAFU.
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