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  1. Hi Darien, I was using the latest build of Firestorm - but then switched to the official LL viewer and had the same issues. I have been in contact with support and will file a jira after some more testing. Thanks
  2. I am seeing an identical issue to what happened with the last SSA rollout on LeTigre - I filed a ticket - this is what happened last time and is not repeating since LeTigre went back to SSA Thanks for the great work on SSA - but I am now having major troubles on a LeTigre region (Engine Nine) - my workshop is here and I can't get attachments or system clothes to come off. I think I have them off, relog and they are back on again. Thought I could solve it by tp'ing to my home which is on a regular channel - but I can't tp directly. I have to tp somewhere else, then to my home. So after I got
  3. We have just completed an extensive tunnel system (with some free gifts) underneath Beauty's Release. Large Halls, pools for relaxing and some surprises. There are four entrances, this SURL is in the marketplace (http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautys%20Release/100/138/31). Come visit. http://beautysrelease.blogspot.com The Release is But the Beginning.....Come Immerse Yourself in the Story and Live Your Fantasy.....Medieval Period Anne Rice Beauty Role-play sim. Beauty - BDSM - Bondage - Dominant - submissive - Slaves - Rentals
  4. I have seen this a number of times using Firestorm - I have filed a bug report at on the firestorm jira. You might want to add your comments there.
  5. When I look at the metadata and render the physics models, some of the shapes are in different colors, blue and yellow for instance. Is there any documentation on what those colors mean - or the rendering of the physics shapes in general? TIA!
  6. Cinn is right on - my partner just got a new Dell XPS 17 with the 555 1MB and it kept running FIrestorm in the intel chipset. She spent hours on the phone with Dell-India - they were very nice but the control panel still would not switch Firestorm to nvidia. She got a techy friend to help her install the newest nvidia driver from their website (not Dell's) and it worked!! She is running Firestorm in high graphics and is loving it! Was ready to send the machine back. Thank goodness for geeks, it is hard for mere mortals to figure out how to update drivers!
  7. FINALLY!! Got the Optimus to switch to the Nvidia card after going to the nvidia site and downloading the latest driver - not the Dell driver - her XPS 17 with GeForce 555 is running in high graphics mode in Firestorm and she says it looks awesome. She spent hours on the phone with Dell yesterday, but then ended up going to nvidia and using their driver. All is well!
  8. This is a followup to my earlier post - it didn't work!!! We tried adding Firestorm to the list of Nvidia applications but it still used the Intel Graphics - then we right clicked the desktop icon and chose to run it with the high graphics option - still no go. Does anyone have an idea how to get the graphics card swithed on for Firestorm?
  9. There are known problems with the graphics drivers in Lion. See this post on the Phoenix Wiki http://wiki.phoenixviewer.com/doku.php?id=mac_os_x_10.7_lion_problems&s[]=lion I can access SL fine from my iMac using both the latest Firestorm Beta and Phoenix. I had to make the changes noted in the article above to get my MacBook Pro tp work. This also seems to affect the SL 2.x viewer but I am not sure. HTH PS> There are also some other problems reported with other applications, including Quicktime - the Apple Discussions board is full of issues
  10. I don't know if this is the solution or not - but my partner has a brand new Dell XPS 17 with the nvidia with Optimus. Evidently there is a control panel in which you can set an application profile to force the graphics card to run instead of the Intel integrated graphics. It is set in the nvidia control panel as follows (both firestorm and phoenix run in low graphics) When I talk to her later today, I will try this and repost if it helps. NOTE: For more information on the NVIDIA control panel’s options and settings, click Help. Changing the Application Profile Settings 1. Right‐click
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