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  1. I have a high end laptop with high end specs (xps 15 with 8Gb ram, quad core i7 2.3Gh, and a geforce gt 540M with 2Gb dedicated video ram) that should have no problem running Second life. However the nvidia optimus switch over doesn't recognize second life and so the game tries to run with the intel cpu only and intel hd graffics. This renders the game completely unusable: it takes 10 minutes to load my clothes even and then it plays at less than 1 frame a second. I think that SL recognizes the gpu and so set the game to run at high spec but then the gpu never kicks in so the cpu is slammed and can't handle it. I have selected in the gpu settings that only the gpu is to be used and never intel's hd graphics crap but it will not do so. The gpu never switches on. How do I fix this? This is so frustrating. I will never be able to play SL unless I can get this to work.
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