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  1. As long as it doesn't suggest it's okay to slander innocent residents, then I can try to put up with it.
  2. A few months back, I had been falsely accused of whiteknighting and harassment on a roleplay sim. Scapegoated, even. The truth is that I was the one BEING harassed, and the sim administrator has been as irresponsible as to play favorites with the one who pressed these false charges within the group. What happened to me was so bad, it caused me to leave because of how horribly treated I was. And I'm not the only victim of this who was unjustly accused. And enough is enough. Due to wanting to stay within the code of conduct, I refuse to disclose any names. Is there any particular category that libel falls under in submitting an abuse report?
  3. Just because of my voice, and my Genophobia, I am falsely accused of being under 18. There is a reason behind my genophobia as well! The sim owner has falsely banned me as well, and I want to AR them for this. Note that I HAVE verified my age in Beta.
  4. Thank you for letting me know the solution in detail. I will try to remember this solution for future scripts.
  5. For some reason, there is a syntax error that starts at the line with the state just labeled "default". I don't know why this is, but it happened.  The picture above is evidence of the issue. If necessary, I will try to provide more evidence to clarify my issue. Please note that I am not that good at LSL, so be patient with me. Thank you in advance.
  6. An item in my inventory is corrupt, and when I right-click on it, the option to delete it is greyed out. I don't know what to do. I've already tried clearing my cache, and I have no idea how to send a support ticket either.
  7. To be specific, It only says that there might be a problem In-world, but the internet was (and is) working just fine. The maintanance is over too, so I don't know what is going on. Is maintanance still going on? Thanks for any assistance.
  8. Basically, I try and try, but it's just not working... All the prims on the viewer are pink, Catalyst gave me two blue screens, and I got a blue screen on start-up. I thought I had to do a hard reset... AGAIN! This issue with Catalyst HAS happened before. I'm at my wits' end! I am in urgent need of clear instructions; technical things are out of the question, considering how I lack the knowledge of Computer Science. Thanks for the help.
  9. Seeing as I don't have billing info, I could never buy L$ in the first place.
  10. This is a continuation to the concerns I have posted after 5/11 (involving the ToS change): 1. The problem is that I could never buy L$ in the first place; I will have needed to earn mine in-world... legitemately, of corse. 2. My disability benefits can and will be permanently voided if I were to have ANY billing information. If you were to Google "VESID", that will explain everything. Thank you in advance for your understanding. Another thing is that I don't have Credit OR debit.
  11. I should probably clarify that I am a U.S. Citizen. I was also born in the United States of America. A suppository is a type of medicinal pill you insert through the rear end, as opposed to the mouth. yes... really... Also, The disability benefits that I have, V.E.S.I.D., Prohibits me from having ANYTHING to do with banking, lest my benefits be voided permanently. I hope this makes things more vivid.
  12. As I have heard in the update, concerning that one can only buy directly from LL now, SL has irredeemably made me feel like they made like "musician" and "magician", and mistaking a sea urchin the size of three Jupiters for a saposatory! Why do I feel this way? Simple: Because I don't HAVE PayPal, I won't have any means to obtain any. Further more, I am a SL Resident, who in Real Life, is not allowed PayPal, the reason being that it is a restriction that has to do with Disability Benefits. This change in the TOS is, in essence, discriminatory toward Residents like me with Disabilities such as, but not limited to the following: Autism*, Cerebral Palsey, etc. *I state my point as a SL Resident who has High-Functioning Autism. 5/11... Never forget...
  13. Whatever you need, I can build it for you. Just name what you want me to make. As for a wage, I'll only accept my pay (if any) upon completion of my task. I don't have any land where you can contact me, so I sugest sending a notecard in-world via an IM. Include what you must in the notecard; It would help me with the details too, including questions.
  14. Basically, I am considering freelancing in building and/or scripting, but I don't know a good place on the Second Life Forums where I can do so. Do I post about the employment I seek there, or is there more to it? Thanks for your help.
  15. It has come to my attention that my merchandice accepts Paypal, however there are two problems: 1) I don't have a Paypal; because of my agreements with a disabilty program, I cannot have one, lest my benefits be voided. 2) As in the case of the first reason, I thus, physically, can ONLY accept and spend L$. Is there any way to fix this?
  16. I got started on actually making some merchandice for my shop, but I don't know how I can legitemately advertise it. Seeing as I have no land, and I doubt I can advertise on the forums, I don't know where to turn. Accepting help. Many thanks in advance.
  17. I am looking for a client who needs help with building a library. I could build a bookshelf, or even a scribe table for them; I've made some before, during my spare time at some sandboxes, but I can always make a fresh one if they want me to. I ask for a wage (if any) of at least L$35 per furnishing, upon completion of work. Accepting any constructive critique.
  18. So I am using Qavimator, but I cant find the pose I am looking to upload. It's even a bvh file (recommended). To be specific the file icon looks like a lock on a paper. Does this have to do with why I cannot upload it? also, is there a way to remove the lock on the file icon in a legit manner? Just to be more specific, It can't find the file when I am trying to upload it.
  19. I understand the whole RP sims, but this was NOT one of them. The one my brother was banned from was a shop, and my brother is as polite as it gets. I'll send you a PM.
  20. Not sure if this is the right place to talk, but I am rather agrivated about some unfair sim rule that disallows furry avatars. This is not just for myself; my brother was booted from a sim just for having a furry avatar as well. I believe this to be unfair, unconstitutional, and an indirect violation of the Terms of Service. I am sure several others think the same (if you are the good residents I know you are). The Furry Community has faced enough prejudice for years. I would highly appreciate it if there existed somewhere in the Terms of Service something that forbids the persecution and discrimination of even an internet sub-culture. Banning "no furry rules" on sims would be a great step to equality, and possibly make this community a more enjoyable social network. -Do take note that this is NOT intended to be spam in any way whatsoever. It is a request; a request that I hope will come to pass.
  21. I am currently at a concerned state and desire a link to where i can start my petition. A proper, legit link would be nice. Thank you kindly.
  22. A few hours ago, I could at least run a Second Life viewer, but now I don't meet the requirements anymore... This is a recent issue that I cannot solve. I don't even know if I can at least use ANY viewer anymore. Bottom line is that I don't know whether SL will still at least run on my PC. I have looked at the System Requirements, yes, but I don't know if it will merely affect my performance or if I won't be able to run it at all.:smileysad:
  23. But would that not be ban-dodging, which is discouraged? Not that I know how to appeal offenses either, but whoever asked this question could try Manual age-verification like you said. And a piece of advice to him/her, as you said too: "Just make a vow to yourself not to falsify any information on the printed document, or forge it, even if it IS your real DOB. If you uphold this vow, maybe... just maybe... LL might forgive you for that incident." NOTE: I was not banned from SL all together. I was only exiled from a few parcels: 6, tops. Two in which furries were unallowed. That's it; never griefing, never racism, never creedism, never gender-prejudice and the like. etc. PS: It has been approximately 5 deays since I was age-verified. Best of luck on appeal to whoever posted the question/comment.
  24. Thank you. It seems to have registered now, since I am sure that A would be greyed out if I wasn't age-verified. I don't know that much about SL even though I've been on for nearly a year. Again, Thank you for your help.
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