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  1. 30k Prim Full Region for Sale

    Final price reduction. $200 USD and I will cover the $100 transfer fee. Saves you $400 USD off of the Linden Price. Tier date is 12/24/17. Available immediately.
  2. Wanted: Full Private Island

    See my listing:
  3. Full region (not grandfathered for sale). This is perfect if you wish to save the setup costs from Linden Labs. Next Tier due 12/24/2017 Prim: 30,000 (can be lowered if you do not wish to pay the higher monthly fee) You Pay $250 USD and I will cover the $100 Transfer Fee! This saves you $350 over the setup fee for a new sim! Message me in-world or send an email to:
  4. Full Private Region for sale for US$275. I pay the transfer fee. Tier is US$295 per month and has been paid through 5/17. No tier due until this date. You will essentially be getting this sim for the price of the remaining tier. Do not let this one slip by you. This price is firm. Please IM Jeff Goodnight in world or respond to this posting if interested. Motivated Seller.
  5. Homestead for sale, non-grandfathered, I pay transfer fee. Tier paid through 4/28 Contact Jeff Goodnight in-world for details.
  6. Full Private Region for Sale for US$300. Tier paid up through 5/17. I pay transfer fee. Message Jeff Goodnight in-world for additional information.
  7. Full region for sale 229 us$

    Sent you a note inworld. Please contact me.
  8. No longer available. Thank you
  9. Have a full region for sale. Tier not due until December 7th. 15,000 prims. Asking $450 with the transfer fees covered in that price. Ready to sell today. The SIM is Goodnight Gardens. Contact me in world or at