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  1. I am looking to sell my two homesteads, currently both rented out but tenants rent finishes this week. I know they do not wish to move so would be a great investment for the right buyer http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Nightcliff/128/128/22 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Rapid Creek/116/85/22 Make me an offer, you pay full cost of transfer as well and the next tiers which are due February 13th. Contact me in world or on fb or here. Regards Ayesha Huntress
  2. Merry Christmas, For this month to celebrate Christmas we are offering new tenants who pay four weeks upfront for the rental we will throw in 4 weeks free. Homestead comes with full estate rights and high customer support. Contact myself here on in world for further discussions Ayesha Huntress Ps we only have one homestead left
  3. I am looking for a full region to buy, so far everyone who post do not seem to reply when they put a call out there, So please if you have one for sale can you let me know as I am wanting to buy one this week. If not I will just buy directly from SL
  4. My husband and I Just found out we are pregnant and we would like to find someone who wants to RP the baby
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