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  1. i was thinking the same thing not too long ago that it'd be really cool if there were more sims dedicated to a certain decade. i know there's a store in world that's completly dedicated to all things 50's called FIN.
  2. The Mother Road is one of my favorite places to visit often i like rugged beauty of it http://slurl.com/secondlife/J%20Peace%20island/17/118/24
  3. http://slurl.com/secondlife/MadPea%20Base/80/150/2691 mad pea makes some pretty fun games i recommend the khaaos effect if you like time travel in your games
  4. that's awesome loli i love exploring myself and hope to run into you sometime on my own travels
  5. i don't own the store i think you have me confused with the original poster Rhonda all i was doing was kind of complimenting the poster about the store
  6. sonja, from what i interpret from your original post i'd say your friend is making it all up. first off it doesn't matter how many lindens he's friends with i seriously doubt they'd risk their job just for him and two you mentiond that he claimed he paid a linden for the data and in a later post you said that he claimed to not be rich so would leave me to believe that he basically was making it up and needs to stop things like that before it really backfires on him
  7. i reccomend going to this store i'm there now as we speak and it has some nice clothing there
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