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  1. Asking for advice. I'm going to be opening up a fairly large group for the first time to group chat, for people with a particular assigned tag. Naturally I am worried about Spam and TOS abusers and found an older thread that suggest it's sometimes a problem to mute someone in group chat if they keep their chat window open. We will have other moderators, but I'd like to be able to check in on the chat even when I'm not in SL. At least one service lets you record and monitor group chat online from the Web, which is nice, but their mute chat function does not work. So while you can identify a problem avatar, you can't actually kick them from chat during the session. So basically, what's your advice on the best settings and practices to prevent and stop Spam in group chat? Thanks!
  2. You definitely want a separate alt doing the building. As soon as you start to build something, I guarantee, someone will come over and try to RP. If you are the owner, they'll also chat you up with questions or what have you. Of course, normaly you want both these things if you're not building. Some people solve this by going 'busy' but I've heard people complain the owner should have more time for them.. It's a dilemma. Sometimes I IM people and apologize and say, I'm sorry, I just can't RP because I need to get something done. Some people just are really put off by this, though.
  3. Very simple survey that asks about virtual teams and virtual meetings, and it went very quickly. I bet many of us would be interested in what you come up with in terms of advice for people holding virtual team meetings.
  4. I'm sorry if this is the wrong place to ask this, but it does involve copying built objects. We had a copybotter show up in our sim, and he left some copies around of various objects as part of his work. We've banned him and filed an abuse report. However, he still has six objects in the sim, and we can't find them. I hate the idea of returning the objects, because I might be returning something to him that he copied. Is there a way to delete or take objects left by someone else even if you can't identify their location?
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