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  1. I faced this problem a while back, when I first started learning. A friend of mine suggested a product that I now, can't live my Second Life without. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Link-Mirror-Symmetry-Tool-V21/775031 It even comes with a directions card you can rez in world and read while using it. (much easier then trying to follow a note card) It's a little pricey, but there's no way I'd give it up, or try skirts without it, lol. If you are designing to sell, this tool will pay for itself in no time. Can definately be used for more then just skirts too. Wish I could be of more help then just a product suggestion, but honestly, I never did get the hang of mirroring skirt prims without using this. Good luck!!!
  2. Just noticing that all the topics that have been moved by a certain moderator are not linking to any topic at all. Instead, they are being linked to a web-based search that is searching by keyword for the URL of where the topic was supposedly moved to. That search is coming up empty, with the typical 'try your search again' message. I checked a couple other moderator Moved topics, and those are pointing to where they were moved to. Seems it's only one Moderator that has this issue with 'Moved to:' links. Anyone know what's going on here?
  3. This is How I would go about this. I hope it helps. 1. Get the Tattoo Texture - You need to have this texture in YOUR inventory. If he has full permission on this texture then he can send it to you by dragging the texture from his inventory and simply dropping it onto you. Once you have it in your inventory - Open it (double click the texture). Go to File > Save as > (I prefer to work with PNG, but the choice is yours). 2. Open and edit the texture in photoshop- Being a tattoo, it should be showing on the transparent backgroud, with nothing else. I would use the selection tool zoomed way in for accuracy) to grab only the areas I want to change. Then right click, and layer via copy. (Cutting tends to leave a mess sometimes). Your selection should still be 'marching' around the areas you just copied. With that still there, go to the layers panel and click the original layer, then hit backspace a couple times. This will delete the selected area from underneath. (I backspace more then once to 'defeather', making sure I have a clean erase.) Now reselect the layer you want to color in the layers panel. Go to Image>Adjustments>Hue Saturation. Play with those sliders until you have what you need. Tip. If it's just a solid color change, check off the 'colorize' box. Otherwise you will just be tinting, and that's not easy on black. If this methos isn't working ofr you, definately play with the color replacer. 3. Saving and Uploading Once you have the finished image, 'save as' in either .png or .tga (TGA will require you to use 32 bit/pixel for SL) Finally, upload that texture to SL. When you are logged in, click, File>Upload... (I would use temporary upload here, in case something isn't quite right, your not out the 10L for the upload). Once you're happy with the final texture, upload it again, and delete the temp texture(s). I know nothing about making fur at all, never tried. But I did find this little tut that might help you. Fur Texture in Photoshop If you ever want to try other ways to make fur, or other textures in photoshop, try playing with the blending options. There is a 'texture' option there, with several different textures, that can be scaled, as well as applied in different modes, such as mulitply, burn, overlay , ect. You can also set the opacity from there. Don't forget the sharpen filter. Over-processing details, like hair, can degrade the sharpness of an image. I almost always hit the sharpen before saving anything, just to see if I want it sharper or not. And if I want it, but not everywhere, I drag out my sharpen tool. :-) Applying Skin to your avatar- You will need to be wearing a skin you can modify. The default skins in the inventory library should work, but I don't really know for sure. Right click your avatar and select appearance. Chose 'skin' from the side tabs. That will show you 3 boxes of skin selection. Head, Upper, and Lower. Click on the area you wish to change. Then click the 'texture' box at the top to bring up the texture list. Find the skin texture you created and uploaded. Click it, choose select. This will apply that secetion onto the avatar. Repeat this for the others if you have a full skin, using the appropriate textures you made. When finished, Click save as, and name your new skin. Click 'OK' and check yourself out. I do hope that I helped some. Some people tend to find me confusing. My apologies if I only succeed in confusing you more, lol. Good Luck!!! :smileyhappy:
  4. Seems like sometimes thats ALL I do.. change clothes, lol. Though I design clothes, that's not always the reason. More often then not, I find myself in a creative slump, or stuck on something trivial I can't figure out. This leads to a near obsession with my virtual closet, lol. When I can stop myself from obsessively changing clothes, I only do it about 3 times a day, and hair could be changed every hour. I rarely change my shape to any dramatic degree. (shorter when I'm wearring monsterously high heels). Skin, sometimes, though I only had a few I liked, and one of them somehow mysterously turned into a 'gray layer' and doesn't render anymore. :-( Occassionally I get a little crazy, throw on my bottom alpha layer, and wear an animated Spider bottom half instead of my legs, lol. It is hysterical to watch that spider with 'happy dance' on loop, hehe
  5. Everyone else here has posted dynamite info and advice, so I feel a bit silly, BUT, I've done this myself, (more then once, and even recently after using the MP for a long time) Make sure that if you are using the 'cart', that you haven't exceeded the 10 item limit. It won't let you have more then 10 in your cart at a time, and there is no big flashy warning to tell you that items can't be added for this reason. The page loads just like it would if it was added, but the 'item added to cart' text changes to something on the lines of, 'you can't have more then 10 items at a time.' If you don't pay attention and read that confirmation when adding, it is very easily missed. I'm not implying that you didn't double check your order, or assuming that you would make this mistake. Only observing that I have done it myself, and I'm no dummy either, lol Good luck, and I hope you get/got your stuff!
  6. Great question. And it completely brought back a thought I had the other while folding my laundry. Yes! As I stood there folding all my RL clothes I realized how DULL they were. All Blacks, and Gray, and the few colors so deep they were 'almost black'. Then I looked around at all the furnishing and house stuff, and thought, "Holy crap I wanna paint!" And I *always* have the envorinment setting to midday, while IRL, I only wanna see the sun as it's setting, lol. I guess, overall though, I'm neither. Not 'real me', or 'second me'. I think in SL I am the me I wish I could be IRL. Though in both places I'm quiet and pretty much keep to myself, and very picky about who I associate with on a regular basis. My personal tastes in SL aren't really much like RL, but my personality isn't all that different at all.
  7. I wasn't aware that it would mute people and the objects they own. I thought it only made it so you wouldn't see/hear that person anymore. I did admit to being not so tech savy. I don't even really socialize too much at this point to have done this more a couple times, and mostly with greifers in group chats who were going off on another group member. My concern isn't about blocking/muting owners of objects, just the creators of an object that they have sold to people using these banning/scanning things. I just wish there wasn't so much griefing and content theft. It ruins it for even the average 'no-body special' like me. RL can be scary enough, SL shouldn't be a place where you have to look over your shoulder too. :-( Prokofy, I do understand, and agree that it could really suck for a lot of people. I also understand completely why people want to have more control over who is on their land, and what they are doing there. A friend showed me what a copybot can do when they turned into my avatar right before my eyes. It's terrible that can even be done. What I don't agree with is LL allowing any single resident, or group of residents, to decide who can access vast portions of the grid, and who can't. I don't own, rent, or even really frequent any particular place, so my concerns aren't just about my personal 'gridspace'. There are tons of people out there like me, that just float through SL, with no real home. I don't *really* want to completely block people, it would suck if people randomly just blocked who ever for whatever reason. But I WOULD like to know that when I visit a place I'm not going to be banned from many other places all over SL, just because I share a connection with my husband, daughter, or random friend that brings their laptop to my house. Is there anything people like us can do to protect ourselves from these sorts of things? I'm not a person with some covert or ill intent, but it seems like the general opinion of the people that support these detectors, is that people like me, and my husband, are just casualities. So what if we get banned? We aren't big spenders, big content makers, or land owners, so we are disposable. :-( I'm just trying to find a solution for the 'little guy', that just wants to share SL with RL friends/family and not be paranoid about where we visit using the same IP. It's unsettling that, if greifing and copybotting are such a problem, LLs hasn't done more to prevent it, rather then leave it to the residents to figure out a way to prevent it.
  8. This is most likely a silly question, and in the wrong place. Please forgive me for being brain fried after 2 weeks of RL illness. I'm not going to pretend to know a whole lot about the inner workings/techie stuff of things in SL. I am mostly a tinkerer, and only recently back to SL after a year of being away. So this is the first I am hearing of these drama inducing little 'scanners/banners'. Won't mention the big one in debate now. Just going to say I don't like them, because well.. My husband only comes home once a month (as he works in a different country), and when he's here, he uses my wireless connection to join me in SL using his laptop. I don't want either of us banned from somewhere just because we use the same connection once a month. So.. my question is this: How seriously difficult would it be for LL to implement the ability to 'block' on any one user *AND* ALL content created by them? Not Owned by, but just created by. This way, all we would have to do is block a user and all their content from ineraction with us.. thus, rendering these 'toys' unable to detect/scan/collect information from us? I get that it won't stop the data-mining or prevent privacy invasion, but it would prevent people like my husband and myself from being banned by a process that has no real form of appeal, that is run by people that feels there's no excuse for 2 'avatars' to be using the same IP. I've even told my daughter that she couldn't join SL on her computer because of these stupid scanning things. Simply because more people means more risk of being falsely banned. I only know one person that has no problem with these things, and that's because they are friends with the creator of 'the current one', and has no concern of being banned, because he can be removed with just a simple heads up to the creator. *Sigh* I don't know about this stuff. All I know is that when I ran my little bitty online RP years back, we didn't allow people to directly, or indirectly diminish the expereince of others. If I had EVER had a member tell me they wouldn't suggest my game to a friend on account of a group of people that made the place uncomfortable, that group would be on lockdown, or complete lock out. Happy people meant more $$, and when you count on that $$ to fund your world, you keep them happy.That's just common business sense. I would be happy to give LL more of my RL $$ If I knew I didn't have to worry about being banned from most of the grid by someone, not related to LL, that doesn't give a rats ugly end about me personally, and who's on a Napleonoic powertrip. This mess has even been my bottom line reason for NOT opening up my own shop, or buying my own land. Both something I seriously long to do. :-( Thanx to anyone willing to listen and/or reply. ~Ecko ~Fed up and thinking of funding her own grid, "Ecko's Other Life - Where common since says be nice, or be ignored'
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