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  1. Not just in Recent but ALL objects
  2. Yesterday my Object folder in Recent inventory disappeared. today most of the OBJECTS have vanished completely. I've cleared cache,uninstalled and reinstalled SL and ? Please help. Thank you all for trying to help. I found the answer either here in Forums or in ANSWERS. this is what worked. On the login screen, in the drop down I chose Type Destination here and typed TEST. that took me to the test grid (Or someplace like it) and I tried to rez an object and ALL my objects came back! (the object wouldn't rez but it still worked.) So my question here was answered. Thank you all for your great help and careing about resident problems
  3. I ordered a Lot of stuff on the SL Marketplace. Half of it, (Or maybe more) was never delivered. I read about contacting the sellors, but some of the sellors apparently don't EXIST in SL....To find all the objects that were not delivered would take DAYS....is there some way I can get the stuff I paid for?
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