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  1. I would also like to be able to account for hoarders of coins in alt accounts and inflation. Keeping coins for extended periods of time. I want the system to be able to detect inactive accounts in the database, perhaps charge a tax that goes back into the system until eventually those coins are wiped out of the system. Allowing fresh mint to be rotated. This includes both physical and hud based coins. I understand objects in inventory can be scripted in a way that after a set time, the next time you go to rez said object, it is told by the server that it is invalid/dead... will go black or vanish.
  2. Yes sorry, by physical I meant rezzable coin or voucher type system. Token exchange I suppose. This allows for the token to be sold inside vendors like say G&S or DG and allows someone to convert their coin from one system to another to trade within our own system. But I also like the idea of the rezzable item to be coins, as this would allow for the minted coin to be used on sims for RP trade for those that do not like using yet another hud or pouch and prefer to trade in this sense via inventory - yet still be accountable.
  3. Please contact me ingame - Temujin Calidius (attila katana) for more information. Looking at having a full and unique currency system made to my specs including a hud/pouch and physical coins. Done in stages, paid via L$ or USD/AUD via site like Freelancer or similar if you prefer.
  4. Please contact me ingame - Temujin Calidius (attila katana) for more information. Looking at having around 9 unique barrel designs made, fully textured for various types of alcohols.
  5. Hi UnderFawkes, Please contact me in game. I am looking at hiring a scripter for a couple of ideas I won't get into detail here, but to give idea: Landing Zone for a sim with experience and windlight Full Currency system with HUD/Purse Paying hourly USD / L$ or Contract Sincerely, Temujin
  6. Half an hour to go before I start, come join me over @ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red%20Marsh/168/167/26 and have a chat, prepare for some awesome Hardstyle tunez!
  7. Just over 3 hours to go before the start time guys if you enjoy Hardstyle and want to support a new SL DJ (this is my first time mixing live), come along
  8. Come join me on the early hours of Friday for a MIDNIGHT PARTY mixing Hardstyle Trance tunes for you live @ BubbleGum Lounge! Friday 12am to 2am http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Red%20Marsh/168/167/26 
  9. Hello, My name is Temujin, and I am looking for a DJing opportunity within the right clubs in Second Life. My real life employment means that I cannot commit exact times every week as I can be called away at a moments notice or schedules change. So I am looking for a place or a few places that have an open schedule for DJ's to schedule their event on a first come first serve basis for that week. Meaning that when I know which day of the week I can play, I'd like to be able to make a booking in your establishment and come play that booking for that week. I prefer to play Trance & Hardstyle tunes (but can play anything you require) and have my own collection. I use virtual DJ and have a deck connected to it for live mixing. I am by no means a 'professional' and am more of a hobbyist and an amateur - however I enjoy spinning the tunes and enjoy bringing friends together. I am happy to perform for tips only, in exchange for the ability for me to grow my personal DJ fan base so I can invite my fans to future events, wherever I may be. I have my own stream if required, and am able to voice as well - although I find trance music and hardstyle aren't really the types of tunes you really need to interrupt with voice overs - however, happy to play any advertisements mid stream and such. Contact me in game, preferrably a notecard please as I can sometimes be away for a week or more and IMs get capped. Sincerely, Temujin
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