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  1. While that might be true for certain categories, it's not true for all. I can't imagine a sim owner not wanting a "surge in traffic" for his or her event, for example. As for ballet stuffing... I'm sure you capture IPs, so it would be reletivly easy to stop someone from suggesting an event with hundreds of alts or whatever. And if they can get enough friends to suggest an event, that doesn't really break the system, does it? Anyway, I hope you will at least consider allowing suggestions to a somewhat broader range of categories other than "hangout."
  2. The whole suggestion system for the DG is seriously flawed. How does one suggest a destination that fits into a category other than "Hangout?" The way I am reading the suggestion page, it's mostly set up to allow people to suggest their own sims. You CAN theoretically suggest someplace your friends own or run, but only if its a hangout. Why place such limitations on the suggestion system? And if this isn't the case, how about rewriting the guidelines to make it more understandable? For example, I recently thought that the Greek Isles Gacha Fair (http://slurl.com/secondlife/JB%20Islands1/104/102/2773) would be of interest to a lot of people. It's a large event, which runs all of August, and is being put on by the 'Stuff groups: Menstuff, Womenstuff & Homestuff, which are some of the largest groups of their kind. I'm not a principal in these groups, and see no way I can even suggest the event to the guide. Am I missing something here or do you purposly make it way harder than it has to be?
  3. The Menstuff, Womenstuff, and Homestuff groups have combined their efforts to produce the Greek Isle Gacha Fair. Featuring hundreds of designers, this mega-gacha runs the whole month of August. If you have gacha fever or are just curious, stop by and check it out! The Greek Isles Gacha Fair - http://slurl.com/secondlife/JB%20Islands1/104/102/2773
  4. Certain sections of the MP are getting clogged up with semi-exclusive mesh items that are unavailable. If someone is offering only 15 copies of a mesh, for example, and sells them all, many creators change the title to read "Sold Out" instead of removing the item from the MP. They also tend to leave the demo version up. I can understand why they do this... it's just more free advertising. What I don't understand is why LL allows it. You won't make another dime off them, so why let them clog up the listings and use up system resources? Certain sections and searches already contain a high percentage of these useless ads, and it's only getting worse. Can't you like boil them in virtual oil or stick pixel pins in their eyes or something? Come on, let's get on the ball and fix this already.
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