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  1. some great comments here shows how many in SL care for their SL life try this, go to the bit where Q Linden says "here is mine" as in web profile. Copy and paste the first paragraph into google and whammo--what do you find?--a web presence. Imagine thousands of SL users with web profiles on the Internet? What a web presence for currently struggling business people in SL? They need more custom in todays economic slump. Perhaps they need our help to boost new customers. Googles algorithm spider works like this for those that might not know. The more references to a website their is on the inte
  2. this is great guys during a world slump how many big business concerns will say to themselves, lets do something in virtual worlds, and look at what they can do and then they see you guys comments.. and dont do it.. every business in the RL world has bad times, but it is because of you my business is suffering you groaners just go away, you are destroying SL life .. If you saw these comments and you were new to virtual worlds, what would you think? I dont know why lindens alows these comments.. nowadays abuse on the intenet can be taken to court and sued in the uk. SL is good, the best,
  3. I like second life but never seen such a group of groaners in my life apart from some here, no wonder SL is in decline. Sl is ours and yours, and believe or not its this kind of moaning community with some exceptions that are destroying SL with bad comments and feeling. If you did not know SL would you be attracted? The users are the salespersons, the world is what we make it, even this one. hey those dont know SL, its great, most of these folks need to get out more and drink. They are SL people, but mostly the old wave from 2007ish who were hit by the economy slump and think it was becaus
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