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  1. Thanks for the replies and information. I figured that there must have been other threads about alternative memberships to Premium but trying to search through the forums with keywords like membership is just frustrating and exhausting . And yes I had also understood they were looking to make a Ultra Premium (or what ever they wish to call it) and our current Premium would then become the 'median' membership. But I simply hoped they might have been interested in making a more affordable membership instead of just higher tiered, costly memberships. As I stated in the OP, Premium just makes no sense for people like me who don't need and won't use the majority of features offered. I am sad and disappointed to hear that they are rejecting a lower cost membership but I can't say that I am surprised. Yes, I understand how the cap and emails work. And this is my fault as I was using the term from LLs chart 'offline IMs' which doesn't specifically talk about the vexing problem of notecards and storage delivery. I didn't say or include notecards in my statement which is the key to my offline dilemma. I receive a lot of notecards weekly. And this is where the limited offline IMs (/NCs) becomes a problem. I may receive the offline notification but if I don't get the card then I have to reply to people asking for a resend and round and round we go! So yes I *may* get the email notification that someone sent something entitled yadda yadda but it does me no good if I don't get the whole message (NC) when I log in. Apologies for leaving that key wording out. LL should have called them offline messages and not offline IMs since both IMs and NCs are included in that cap. * I say *may* because I still don't always receive all offline IMs in any case. And I have seen enough reports/complaints to know that I am not alone in this issue.
  2. Hello everyone, I am a basic member. And I have been a premium member. But I do not need nor will I ever use all of the features involved with Premium membership save one - the increased amount of IMs to offline email. I left Premium for Basic mainly for this reason and the price. Using one feature of Premium isn't worth the cost for me as the sale I operate does not make a profit. All of our proceeds go back to paying for advertising which continually goes up. Several years ago I suddenly had a problem where offline IMs were not even reaching my email (and no they weren't in my spam either). I am/was not alone. I reported it in the JIRA along with a number of other people but there was never a resolution and then the case was closed despite the persistence of the problem and complaints. The one extra feature I need and used regularly failed and was dismissed. Switching to Basic did not solve the problem but it did save me money. And though the problem is better than it used to be, offline IMs to email is still not reliable for me. But the point of this topic, how about a middle of the road membership that costs half (or less) of what the Premium membership costs? Something that gives people about half the features of the Premium account. More offline IMs than Basic, access to some of the Premium areas and experiences, more Groups that Basic, and more than Basic support. Just a suggestion. I know I would pay for a middle of the road membership if it would give me better support lines and more offline IMs. Thanks!
  3. Thank you both for doing that! I believe I am already seeing a difference as I now have more offline emails than I have seen in weeks!
  4. Thank you - I had looked before and found some similar issues but they were posted ages ago - still open too. I upvoted!
  5. I am having this same issue which began for me on Friday, January 30th - since that date about 80% of my offlines to email are not arriving at all. And I receive daily IMs and notecards while I am offline as a regular part of my sale business. I have used the same (updated) devices and email for years with only rare interruptions which I could track down through SL. But this time I can't find any explanation for the problem. I have double checked all my preference settings and even account settings which have not changed - I am and have been completely setup to receive offline emails. Strangely enough, this also includes logs from my subscriber system and submission system that get regularly emailed to the same address. These logs get sent whether I am online or not - these logs are automatic, sent throughout the day every day and directly sent to my email. Only 20% (or less) of my messages that are supposed to be delivered to me by email from SL are going to my email address at yahoo. For whatever reason, it seems the emails are not actually being generated and sent from SL. I have checked the devices and even flushed the logs to make sure there were no errors in SL. The local chat whispers are telling me that everything is being sent to the same address I have used for years and what is being sent but nothing ever arrives in my email. This is not a spam or filter issue as my email address has been receiving these SL related emails for years. And I am still receiving some of the emails but definately not all. My alts are receiving emailed offlines as normal. Has anyone had any luck with a support ticket?
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