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  1. ♥ No tier increases - The price you pay stays. ♥ Prices ARE negotiable! ♥ 5000 Prim Homestead Islands - 6999 Weekly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/W Real Estate/165/125/22
  2. ♥ No tier increases - The price you pay stays. ♥ Prices ARE negotiable! ♥ 20000 Prim Full Regions - 14999 Weekly. ♥ 30000 Prim Full Regions - 16999 Weekly. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/W Real Estate/165/125/22
  3. Hi Gerald No sorry that was not one of mine. They did have many sims with several other estates so i am unsure who that sim belonged to. Wish i could help
  4. Thank you Tina, you as well xoxo
  5. No worries Tina. It was a huge mess and i am sorry for everyone who was effected. I hope this never happens to you again.
  6. The never sold to anyone they never owned the sims. They are resellers from larger companies. If you read the posts above and all the notices being sent from my company warning all their renters, you would know they dumped 80 sims i had rented to them back on me. First xino did this awhile ago but you renters never knew because i did not reclaim the sims. I let Chikita take them over clean slate with no arrears that xino left me with whcih was 2 months on each sim. Instead of reclaiming them all then and kicking all of you off your land we spent a week sorting through 80 sims and moving people around. This situation stressed me out so much and some of you were so vile towards me it made me wonder why i was even bothering. I ended up having my daughter 3 weeks early over the stress i was put under from this and luckily she is 100% healthy but if i hear one more time i dont care, i stole, i cheated you all when i went through all this for you guys, it will make me second guess ever helping anyone again like my team and i did. Bottom line, before you make comments, know the facts or just simply ask me as you can claerly see i am the sim owner, and i would explain as i did to all they other renters who asked me or came to me for help. Sorry if this seems ceanky but i am still hearing this weeks later that its my fault and i cheated people when it was XIno and chikita who had this planned all along. They are not trusting people they are liars and cheats and thieves.
  7. Thsi is exactly what i did with Blanxi and why most people got to keep their land. I could not keep all 80 sims parceled but i took EO back asap to prevent them from emptying which was their plan i found out. So at least a ton of people got to keep or relocate homes and not lose prims etc on top they money already . The whole thing was sad and any one who reads this, i am so sorry this happened to you. I will do my part to make sure this does not happen again on my sims
  8. Oic what you saying there now I might have mistaken how you meant this and i appreciate that you explained. I think i have just been attacked so much over the past week and so very tired that i read into that and for that i apologize to you.
  9. I know i have to show what i make and show all kinds of proof. W Real Estate is RL registered irl in my country 'Nederlands". I do not know how people get away with not claiming it. Especially those who gets benefits on top from they lands. This is kinda mean to say that i would be the failure. I can not babysit every single person that rents from me. It is utterly impossible. To make sure they are not reselling or make sure they are honoring their renters tiers. I wish i could but that is not possible. All i can do is just tell people to rent directly from me if they do not want to risk losing. If there were no such thing as resellers like the top 5 of estates of us do ( resell to alot of smaller companies) , then there would be hardly any private sims out there and everyone would be stuck with laggy mainland.
  10. As and added note, i am now after this happening, limiting the number of regions resellers can have at once with me so the situation will not be out of hand as it was this past week with so many people getting hurt in the process. At least if i limit resellers to 20 or less, it will limit the number of people they can effect.
  11. Well i do both. I have my own i rent to the public, i have my parcel sims, and i have some i rent to resellers Also, that is not always the case owning directly. There is a list of countries who pay major VAT/Taxes and can not afford it. Not to mention estates like us get deals when you own as many as some of us do. As for estate Owner, i agree i have told LL for years now, maybe find a way to show the actual owner and the Current Estate owner. If they can make a difference in the name of the region vs teh name of the estate, i am unsure why they couldnt just make it so it says Region Owner: Katya Dirval /Current Estate Owner: Jane Doe. Then people would know and would not be tricked so easily. I have seen this happen so much in second life and it makes me sick to see and know people can sleep at night knowing what they have done to others. I know personally. i would not even be able to look at myself in the mirror afterwards. Best Regards and i really hope everyone recoveres from this and was not too badly hurt in the process. I know the trust part is the most part effected with most
  12. When you see a rental company doing a raffle on who can pay the most tier or whoever pays 4 weeks or something like that it was? Then 25 sims with a random company go offline that they were renting, this should raise some red flags. Once in awhile i do raffles but i never require anyone to pay more tier etc to join it. I just do to show my renters i appreciate them. As for subbletting in reply to Lindal, Most top estates subrent. There are actuallty 5 of us that are the major top real estates in second life who actually own their regions with LL. If you are a true owner you pay LL monthly, they do not take weekly payments for tier nor lindens, unless they just made this new and i was not told. Saying subrenting to a company who supplies over 700 regions to people in second life is poor business is just crazy sorry to say. All of us do it. To not would be silly. That would be like not to wholesale a product to a major company for resale. In regards to the covenant, do not be fooled, I can have anyone set as EO on my full sims. So, looking at teh covenat never tell someone who the actual owner of a region is.
  13. Hi there. Am i allowed to say who the resellers were and not get into trouble since i am the Estate who Rented the 80 sims to them? Well, I am XXX and i am the company that rented 80 regions to a XXX who owned XXX , who dumped them on me with 2 months arrears and then brought XXXX to me saying he "sold his company to her. I let her take over all the regions on a clean slate with lower tier "14500 per region" so all those renters would not lose land or money. On the 8th of this month, i had some people come and show me how XXX was closing 25 sims or something with another reseller without letting them get their items. Those who knew i resell to that company contacted me and were worried they were doing the same with my sims. At first XXX was willing to work with me and honor all tiers and move the renters to me directly but, once i started moving people over and took EO back on all my sims, she vanished. She shut down the rental system and everything. My team and i have been since the 8th trying to help people keep their lands even through all teh abuse we are getting from the majority of the renters from XXX. I still have 22 more sims to sort through and shes already 2 days arrears on all those sims and i lose a ton of money as well in this, twice. I do apologize to all who were effected and we have tried our best to relocate people or let them take over they sims. I could not keep all parceled but, i did try to help the most i could. I am sorry you were one effected by this. XXX and XXX are very well involved in this together and have been scamming people for longer than i could of thought or known. Please stay away from them and any of they fake companies. They also have XXX and then started a new one called XXX or something. I hope LL will do something about people like this really. Kind regards, Katya
  14. 6499 Weekly - All Homestead Islands - 5000 prims - Full Estate Control * NEVER any tier increases as long as you stay. * No Premium account is needed to rent from us. * Have all 10 slots for your estate managers. * Full Estate Control - Your region, your rules (as long as you do not break LL TOS). * http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/W Real Estate/122/128/21 * 1699 weekly - 1/4 Homestead parcels - 1250 prims
  15. 14499 Weekly - 20k Prim Full Regions & 16999 Weekly - 30k Prim Full Regions - Full Estate Control * NEVER any tier increases as long as you stay. * No Premium account is needed to rent from us. * Have all 10 slots for your estate managers. * Full Estate Control - Your region, your rules (as long as you do not break LL TOS). * http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/W Real Estate/122/128/21 - Parcels of Land with Full Parcel Rights - 20% off (That's less than 1L per prim)!
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